Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Overheard conversation #35

I can't repeat it word for word as it went for ages.

It is interesting that our local cafe across the road is also a haunt of the detectives of the homicide and drug squads from the nearby police station.

I would never stoop to eavesdropping of course, but I can't help overhearing conversations, as I did today.

They were talking about various criminals dating back to 1969. One 'd' was visiting from interstate and I missed what city, but it was 34 degrees there today.

The local one was bitching about force command, unusual I expect. He did not want to climb the management ladder. He prefers hands on work.

One day I am going to hear something very relevant to a current media story. Of course I could not pass that on to my readers as may jeopardise an operation.


  1. I used to work in an office overlooking Queens Lane at the back of Cops HQ.
    saw them dusting an entire car out in the lane with that black fingerprint dust.
    The funny place in the area is across the next lane where the sandwich shop is - the crime journos have a big office there and their wall is covered in great anit-cop broadsheets.
    It is easily viewed from the entry to the building its in (sorry i forget name - have been away from town too long).
    My view of Queens Lane took in the Coke truck refilling all the machines in the many office buildings.
    I could see the driver after each one, just fling in the canvas bags of coins, under the truck flap, many times over.
    Used to wish I had a wheelbarrow handy - i reckoned i could get the lot while he was in an elevator doin his final collect.
    Cops wouldn't have even noticed me.

  2. oh fer chrissakes -
    'anit-cop broadsheets' is,
    of course,
    supposed to read 'anti'-cop.

    They were all hysterically funny, and obviously mocked up.

    When I was trawling The Otway Forest last week, I saw the winding dirt road to Commish Nixon's place.
    very remote, and no electricity apparently.
    Good on her.

  3. Happy THIRD birthday to HighRiserBlog - Established 26 Sept 2004 - bless her and all who sail in her

  4. There is one cafe right on Bowen Cres and one inside the arcade where the TAB is. Interesting.

    No electric for our Christine. How odd.

    My blog birthday and I missed it. Too late now to write a drunken and emotional post.

  5. Happy Bloggy Birthday


  6. Thanks Jo. Not so much of a bitch really.