Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No holidaying school kiddies in here

If all the kids in the city are troubling you with their hopping on and off trams, cluttering the streets and adding more noise to the city, take some quiet time at Span Gallery at 45 Flinders Lane (between Spring and Exhibition).

They are hosting a photographic exhibition by Senator Bob Brown, leader of our Greens Party. He confesses to being only an amateur but there are some fine photos there.

My favourite was of his own house in the Liffey Valley in Tasmania. It is a small white house in a beautiful valley with towering peaks behind it. The house is double fronted timber with a worn verandah. There are masses of hydrangeas at either side of the front steps which lead out to an area of massed daffodils and jonquils.

The nature photos he takes are very good. One in particular that grabbed me was of a wombat in a snow area. It has very pale fur, unlike any wombat I have ever seen.

I think exhibition finishes on the 29th of this month. Catch it if you can.

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