Thursday, September 20, 2007

The news and the big stuff

Too, too busy. Just a quickie.

Australia supposedly has a fondness for big things. I do at times. Richard has been photographing some of our big things. Here they are here. I have seen the pineapple in Gympie, I think the banana in Coffs Harbour, the Giant Earthworm in South Gippsland, Ned Kelly in Glenrowan. Gee we went through Swan Hill a couple of months ago and I forgot about the giant Murray Cod. But we did sit on the 'big seat' in Broken Hill.

To matters more serious, here is the New Zealand Herald website where you can read more about the depressing crime that is occupying many Australians' minds. The nonsense that the NZ police are talking is not being defended by many NZeders, it would seem.


  1. Poor little Pumpkin, whatever did she see before she came here and was abandoned? I would take her into my house in one second.

  2. I hope she is with a pretty good family Cazzie, but it won't be for long.