Sunday, September 23, 2007

The New Foyer

The reno of the foyer is pretty well complete. In spite of some dissension before it was finished, I feel and most others do too, that it scrubbed up ok.

I am reluctant to post the pictures directly in my blog, but here is a link to them.

The framed fabric wall hanging is Japanese silk and it is very beautiful. It is by a local artist, as are the stunning black and white photographs of local Melbourne scenes. The photos are over ten years old. Princes Bridge Railway Station is still present in one picture. In another there is a magazine advertising poster at a newspaper booth and it has Princess Di on the cover looking very alive and well. The now not seen number 12 tram was running in Collins Street. Members would have liked to include a tram in St Kilda Road photo, but none were available.

Our pond had to be turned off due to the drought so something had to be done with it. It can revert back to being a pond when and if the water supply situation improves.

It is not a dramatic change to the area but the work has brought it forward in to the 21st century. Restrained and tasteful I s'pose.


  1. Wow! It looks great! Much better than before....especially without the tacky plants.

  2. Well, in looking at the images, great photography btw Andrew, I can see that the NEW foyer seems to be better lit and has those great images( thanks for the link) on the walls. It looks neat and organised, I would welcome such a foyer. Except, the fact that more globes in the foyer roof = more energy consumption...or, are they energy efficient globes? Then again, as you posted once before, the energy required to make such things is never really discussed.
    LOL at "Members would have liked to include a tram in St Kilda Road photo, but none were available."...I wonder why there were none available?

  3. I was used to the plants Who Me. Not until I was uploading the pics did I realise how bad they looked.

    I cheated a bit Cazzie. The lights were always there. They come on for a couple of hours in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening. The before pics were taken with the extra lighting off.

    He did have one St Kilda Road tram photo, but as he probably correctly suggested, you need to see an iconic building too in the same picture.

  4. Anonymous1:14 am

    Ooh, tres chic Andrew! I must remember to press my nose against the windows to have a peek when I'm next walking past. (And I'll bring my own Windex with me so I don't leave any unsightly smudges!)

    Cheers, Walker

  5. Thanks Walker. Sticky fingers is one reason I glare at any kiddies hanging around the glass.

  6. It has my four stars. Much more welcoming and the ex pond looks great although I would have liked the rocks to have been larger and colour linked to the wall. It might just be the photo but they look a wee bit cemetary. Love the chairs but is one allowed to sit in them?

  7. The pond was left up to the gardener really. Hopefully it is temporary.

    You would not want to linger on the chairs, they are as hard as a rock. Having a better arrangement of seating was to encourage people to sit and linger and chat to neighbours.