Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Net Bank

I embraced internet banking of about a five years ago. I transfer money between my accounts. I pay all bills. I pay R money that I owe. I just paid a friend for tickets for a show. Against my better judgement, I even used net banking in a public library when we away recently. It was pretty well unavoidable. Tenants can can waylay the best laid plans. Internet banking is marvellous and so easy.

Do I feel comfortable doing it? Not really. I am sure one day that I am going to put an extra zero into a figure or pay the wrong person or use the wrong account. I obsessively check and recheck figures, confirmation details and final figures. I write figures down or cut and paste them on records.

I am not at all worried about fraud or security issues, but I do worry about my own fallibility.


  1. Yes, I feel the same. I worry I will put one digit wrong and be paying smeone else's bill or mortgage...yes, it is a valid worry I say.

  2. Pay mine Cazzie, pay mine.

  3. If you're going to pay the wrong person, I wouldn't mind it being me, Andrew.

    I may write two checks a month; everything else is electronic. I love it, but it makes my mother nervous for me.

  4. If I pay anyone wrongly, I will pay you Daisy Jo. I know you will return it........maybe.