Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A neighbour

I can see down into her bedroom through the window. For some odd reason she has the head of her bed under the window. Bad Sheng Fui. Ex building manger's wife reckons she walks like she has a broomstick stuck up her.....whatever.

I come across her husband often in the lift and he gives me the creeps. He stares and I know that stare. He is a faggot. While I doubt he lusts after me at my age, I know what he is about. I only pretend to be stupid, vacant and disconnected.

A fellow resident saw him follow the non bearded famous radio person's girlfriend out of the lift. He was mega impressed but did not know who she was. He pretends well at being straight. Even I might be impressed by being in the lift with a MEGA(N) supermodel.


  1. How many have you had?

    I was about to post the correct spelling of that chinese thingy where everything in your house has the right ambience and shit.....

    But I've had too many, so I don't know how to spell it either, but I know EXACTLY what I'm talking about :).....and you did it wrong ;).......and it's a Manager!

    You're hurtin' my oyes ;(

  2. Oh...sorry if that sounded harsh....I'd better have another!

    I really enjoy reading your blog - please don't black ban me!

    Is it Fung Shui???? or something like that :)

  3. Feng shui. A big big wanker taught me how to pronounce it. I wanted to punch her in the face.

    Is it Hamish or Andy that the weird (popular in Italy) model is dating?

  4. Ah, sheng fui will always get one or two. Correct about manager.

    Andy. Btw, that place you mentioned in Carlisle Street is still open. The Local has closed.

  5. Ohh how juicy! I wish I had weird (in an intriguing way) neighbours, all mine are just stock, standard, weird.

  6. I expect your neighbours Steph have a weird and intriguing neighbour.

  7. My bed is against the window but it has a cast iron bedhead so that cancels out the bad. The idea is that with the head unprotected you won't sleep well because your mind in on guard.

    Nice to see your gaydar is working.

  8. I really feel uncomfortable if I sleep under a window, vulnerable if you like.


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