Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Neighbour Wars

The neighbour war continues. I quote from my blog:

The year before it was an owner complaining about being victimised by a resident over his objections to her having a 'Please remove shoes' sign on her door. It was amazing how long this matter took and is only now being resolved because she is moving out.

She moved out alright, down stairs to another apartment. The war goes on. At least they are not side by side anymore. Now there are accusations by him against her that she keyed the side of his car. I am not giving him the benefit of any doubt. He is grumpy rich old white male who is known to let fly with a barrage of bad language. He owns two apartments here and a house at Mount Eliza.

She is a smart mouthed rich woman with attitude from Hong Kong. She can also string together some nasty adjectives. While I believe her last apartment was dreadfully dirty, she is a good rent payer and the owner of her apartment has always been happy. But due to a couple of issues, she should not have been given another rental property in our building. A change of staff in the body corp management office meant the new person had no knowledge of previous problems.

It will go on until he dies or she moves out. Meanwhile the body corp committee do all they can to stay out of it.


  1. She's got a dirty apartment but she wants people to take their shoes off? Guess it's more an issue of cultural than cleanliness?

  2. Yes, cultural Daisy Jo. Everyone who has any contact with Asian heritage peoples know to at least make the gesture of taking off shoes and wait for the 'don't worry'.