Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mutter, mutter

Today I attended a work training course. They come up every couple of years. It was the most boring and unprofessionally course I have ever attended. I would have preferred to sit in an airport waiting lounge for the same period of time. What a waste of day out of my life.

I don't feel like posting much this evening. Tonight is a body corporate committee meeting which R must attend, so I must make fried rice.

I posted my recipe back in June 2005.

Nothing has changed except I use basmati rice now.


  1. Poor R, as Body Corp meetings are crap too.
    Did you know that basmati is a completely different (less fattening) type of carbohydrate from
    other rices ?
    You probably do know it fries better if left to cool before going into the pan.
    May your evening obliterate your day.
    mwah mwah.

  2. If only all work training courses could be as good as that one in 'The Office'.

  3. Yeah I do know both those things bwca, but actually, I have found it does not seem to make a difference whether the rice is cool or not.

    Not seen that episode Non Blondie but I can imagine.

  4. Have you been at your job as long as you have been with R?

  5. Yes, three months difference. I am nothing if not a sticker.

  6. Hi Andrew

    What is it about trainers these days that they can completely put you off something you're actually quite interested in?

    Recipe looks good!



  7. Work competency training and orientation days make ytou tired don't they? Funny things is, not everyone seems to actually listen at these days. EG// A nurse I worked with some time ago said to me, "Let's lift this patient back into bed together". My response, "Where were you when we did the no lift training day? Off in noddy land?" Yep..forget it girl!

  8. Got it in one Pants. The rice turned out extra well.

    Her back might be good now Cazzie, but it may not stay that way with that attitude.