Sunday, September 23, 2007

Less smug highriser

A terrible fire in Hobart has destroyed the historic building that housed Myer, our largest Australian department store company.

I am so confident in our building's sprinkler system. How could our building burn? It is all concrete and has umpteen fire protection measures.

The mainland newspapers seem to have forgotten the fire a few hours afterwards. I have been dwelling on it and checking stuffs online.

The Hobart Myer store had sprinklers, but the fire started in a cavity between a ceiling and a floor where sprinklers could not put it out.

Given we stayed at this hotel a couple of years before ninety one people died when it caught fire, I am very aware of fires in high rise buildings.

I have seen fire sprinklers in action and I cannot imagine how they could not put any fire out. Sprinkler is a poor descriptive word. High pressure pumped water is sprayed out at force.

I assume the building had wooden floors and they fire caught hold so well in the old timber, the sprinklers could not put the fire out.

It is a worry and I will follow the investigation. ( just checked google for Jomtien fire and guess what, I have written about it before.)

Pic courtesy Hobart Mercury.


  1. Hi Andrew

    You mustn't worry. Having said that, fire is my greatest fear!



  2. Far out, when I saw this on the news I felt very sad that a part of history was snuffed out just SO.

  3. all new high rise buildings in australia are made from concrete. concrete doesn't burn.

    you should only be scared if you're in a high rise in new york and boston, when a lot of the buildings are made from steel.

    in concrete buildings, the floors can't burn, neither can the walls, but each effected room will be gutted.

  4. Pants, we shall remain alert but not alarmed.

    'Tis sad to lose history like that Cazzie.

    Somewhat reassuring Kiki. But there is an amount of trust that fire services do the testing correctly.

  5. It's not the building burning but the furnishings that give off noxious fumes which kill you faster than the flames.

  6. When I lived in a st.Kilda flat, the 3am arrival of firetrucks made me get dressed very fast I can tell you; and one time in a Sydney hotel there was a fire - I smelled the smoke before the alarms and dressed fast then too.
    We were evacuated.

    check the batteries in your smoke alarms evahbodeeeeeeee

  7. This fire made our local news station this morning.

    I said "Thanks, newscaster, but Andrew's already given me that bit."

  8. Too close for comfort Helena.

    I guess it got a run because of the good pictures Daisy Jo.