Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I feel it in my waters

Funny. I worry less about the water than the plastic bottles that are made for the water. If you younguns keep buying these bottles of water and then just chucking the empties away, you are having as serious impact on our environment.

The Age newspaper recently ran a piece on the real cost of bottled water.

Plastic bottles are made from oil products. You are paying a ridiculous amount every time you buy a bottle of water. You are essentially paying for the plastic bottle, not the water.

The company who fills your water bottles is making a huge amount of money too.

Man and woman has survived for two thousand or umpteen thousand years, depending on how you view religion, by just drinking water from whatever source was nearby.

At some point, they learned to add things to it, or to add water to things. Where would life be without booze or coffee?

Melbourne has very good water with a bit fluoride chucked in which is great for your teeth, especially if you are a kiddie.

I admire our ex Victorian State Premier Joan Kirner, even more so now that I know she does exactly what I do. She is an honourable woman, for a politician. Ok, she had retired now. She has a water bottle and fills it from a tap, just like I do.

Eventually R notices that my water bottle looks quite unhygienic and insists I change it and I do. I hate buying that replacement bottle of water. I am not really keen on the taste of the bottled water, but then I can't waste it. I needs me water with chlorine, fluoride and animal crap in it from our protected water catchments for it to taste proper.

Give it a try kiddies. Refill your water bottle from a tap.


  1. There's no harm buying a proper water bottle (like a canteen) and using that. I know it has that safari mystique about it, but they are very washable and likely to last much longer. Plus they come in substances other than plastic.

  2. Hi Andrew

    I've drunk tap water all over the world and never suffered any ill effects. The golden rule is: if it's crawling, think about whether or not you're on the brink of death and make a decision. Water is only there to sustain life. I'm a good deal fussier about wine, as you'd expect.



  3. Rob, you have reminded me of the round water container carried on a horse for cowboys to swig from and the water bag that used to hang in front of car radiators.

    Pants, I was neurotic about water on my first overseas trip. I used to clean my teeth with gin and then even spat it out. While I don't drink water when o/s still, I don't fret about too much.

  4. I'm a heathen. I drink my tap water from a large plastic Tupperware glass. No fancy-schmancy water for me.

  5. I haven't drunk plain water in about twenty years. I smoke thirty a day too, and eat steak or pork chops very second night. I never exercise.
    I'm fit, witty and enormously powerful, no one has ever beaten me in an arm wrestle.
    My deadhead social worker niece is horrified at my likestyle, I'm horrified at hers, if I had to live like that I'd blow my brains out.
    It's my way and it's my business, we all die.


    PS: I had my last bath or shower sometime in April.


  6. Cleaning your teeth with gin? I'm going to look into that myself...

  7. *sniff sniff*

    what's that smell???

    I woulda used bourbon, or maybe champaigne would be better, all those bubbles would help clean them better.

  8. My four use a reusable bottle for their school and kinder. I use a resuable when I am at work. You are right, nothing wrong with refilling them when you need to.

  9. I draw the line at plastic cups Daisy Jo.

    April RH? Best you stick to communicating via blogs.

    You preferred poison will do just fine Rob.

    I reckon you are right about the bubbles Jo.

    Imagine the cost of bottled water for whole family Cazzie.

  10. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Here in Hirosaki, we have delicous, fresh, straight off the mountain, tap water and people still buy bottled water. I don't understand it - tap water rules!!

  11. The monkeys swim in it don't they V.? Do they get out to have a leak?

  12. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Ah, the monkeys, I forogt about them. Maybe that's why the water is so good here!!