Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Highriser effed up

Clearly I was upset when I wrote this post a few weeks ago. At least I was smart enough to save it as a draft and not publish it without reflection. I am not sure what happened and how things went wrong, but they did. I should edit it and tone it down and make it more palatable. I shan't. It is how I felt at the time, although I did not finish the post.

I cannot even recall now but somewhere along the way Highriser effed up badly and is getting a decent punishment from R. Ah yeah, something to do with the sister and little Joanna and web cam broadcast. R hates my sister with a passion. He has known her from when she was a young teen, so he has a right to his opinion. For me, well she is my sister. What can I do?

He had gone back to watching tv when sister waved little Joanna's hand to Uncle R.

No matter what I did today, it was wrong. That is how R is. He is very critical and intolerant.

You may think I am very fortunate to a have a partner, a soul mate, and a f*** buddy, a lover, a boyfriend, and someone you have known for nearly three decades.

No, in some ways it like we just met yesterday. Certainly he keeps my on my toes.


  1. Better not to tone down and get it out, though I admire you for not posting it when frustrated.

    We have our days, don't we?

  2. "R hates my sister with a passion" Does R really use the word "hate" to express his feelings about your sister.

    Is he critical and intolerant of you too?

  3. He is like that with anyone when he has 'his moods', me included. He just cares too much and is easily hurt.

    He has never said hate, but 'effing bitch sister', or 'sister from hell'. She can be thoughtless at times. They are perfectly nice to each other. Never a cross word in my family. Ever so English.

  4. Daisy Jo. Is venting an American term? It is nice to have a good vent. It is therapeutic for me to write stuff down as it clears things from my mind, even if I don't publish it. Even say a letter complaining about something to someone. Once I have written it, I feel better. It matters less whether I send it. Bit weird.