Monday, September 17, 2007

Good news

From those toad infested areas of Queensland and Northern Territory comes some good news.

As well as cockatoos and lorikeets appearing in large numbers in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, there are a lot of ravens around too. I call them ravens because I understand that we don't have crows in southern Victoria, only ravens. You may know the difference. I do not. If it is a big black bird that empties rubbish bins and eats meat, to me it is a crow. I just recalled something. I think my grandparents used to call them jackdaws or something like that.

Your average Joe crow is a smart critter. Have you seen how in between traffic light cycles in Japan, they place stuff on the road to be run over and opened up? They retrieve whatever it was on the next light cycle.

From my observations, in spite of their bulk and that they are meat eaters, they don't seem very aggressive. They use their brain not their brawn.

We know those most disgusting critters in the north of our country, the cane toad, has a terrible ecological impact. It is nothing to do with our Federal Government it would seem. They don't have a cane toad plan. Crows to the rescue.

Crows seemed to have learnt that the backs of cane toads are poisonousness. So what to do? Pick them up and hold them at a distance, fly high and drop them. Do this a couple of times and then turn them over and eat out their insides from underneath.

Some background for those unfamiliar with cane toads. They were introduced to Australia to eat the sugar cane leaf beetle. They found other foods more interesting. They are a tempting feed for some critters, who then suffer and or die from their poison. They are having and had have a terrible impact on sensitive wetlands. I believe they also rape goldfish in your aquarium. They look horrid and I have had personal experience of them in the godforsaken hole of Gympie in Queensland (no apologies).

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  1. Stone the crows, and the toads too I reckon!

  2. We have a Asian beetle here that was introduced to eat aphids off of plants. They have no natural predators and swarm every fall. Houses in the country are covered to the point that it looks like the outsides are moving. They stink when smashed.

    Thank God I live in town.

  3. Anonymous11:11 am

    :D I knew those fat, beady-eyed birds were good for something other than spreading rubbish around the place.

    Generally I think crows are smaller while our ravens can be quite massive (faaat.) The sound of them walking on my corrugated iron roof is like we have a man living up there. >:

  4. Totally against my principles Cazzie, but I have stoned a toad.

    Nice Daisy Jo. I have heard of something called stink beetles.

    I think you are right on the size Captain. I like them in spite of the rubbish bin mess they make.

  5. Did you ever wake up in the morning after a hard knight on the tiles ... look across to the other pillow ... see something like that ... and say ... (Well, I won't presume to fill in the gaps. If it ever did happen me, and the millions of your avid readers, want to know what you said!)

    Yep, been there and done that, and am still paying maintenance for some very ugly tadpoles.

    Oh, sorry. You didn't know that Tony Abbott was my love child?! Well, what red blooded lad could pull back and dice with Vatican Russian Roulette when you have Bronnie Bishop screaming in your shell-like, "Give it to me big boy."

    (Sorry again, Copperwitch made me say hat and then shuffled away clasping a copy of "Playgirl" to her bosom. No fighting Shirl. It's her copy, she paid for it!)

  6. Popping them with firecrackers is SOMUCHFUN.

    No, I do not joke.


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