Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Golly gosh, it must be six months since I looked at my blog stats. Numbers of readers is well up. Always pleasing to see returning readers.

Hello to my single readers today in Ireland, Singapore, Canada and Austria. Seven in the US is not bad, considering I pretty well write for an Australian audience.

The number of people who view my blog with Firefox is almost the same as the number who view it with Internet Explorer. This must be a good statistic.

But my favourite to look at is keyword analysis.

Cake shops in Rosebud. Yeah, may have mentioned them.

Simon Bryant chef gay. I reckon so, but who can tell? Should I ask his boyfriend?

Christopher Pyne gay rumour. I never said Christopher Pyne was gay. How did that connect up?

Pretty hairdresser Singapore. My hairdresser of past was pretty and he was from Singapore.

Noah Hathaway gay. I keep telling you he is not. On this one I am quite sure.

High Park police sirens. No idea.

Lack of social life. I know all about that. But it is mostly by choice.

Sister sucking me. Oh dear. Did she do it well?

Molly Sugdeon . Yeah, she died didn't she? Loved her.

Electric button machine. I have been known to call an ATM an electric bank. Is that what you mean?

Bali memorial Carlton. I am still steaming from my ears about that one.

Mitford Letters. You are person of high culture.

How high will Docklands ferris wheel be. No idea. Do a trig calculation. Bit shorter than The Eye.

Dick Smith's electric cable. No idea, but you have reminded me to get some printer ink. Thanks.


  1. I wish i got funny google searches. Only the depraved and the mentally challenged search for me.

  2. **Dick Smith's electric cable.

    ? LOL!


  3. Did you post that misspelt header just to get attention? Oh I think I get your drift.... Stastics....yep OK. I can be a little slow.

    Just don't pronounce it statstistics OK?

    Hehehe at the searches. Sister sucking me? Oh dear!

  4. We get some pretty strange searches too, what worries me most tho is... what they're searching for leads them to our blog.

    Most popular seem to be 'foot bitches' and 'fishing bitches'.

  5. No surprise to me Steph.

    Sounds a bit like it should be on poles in the street Keshi.

    Ah my spelling is so bad Who Me.

    I guess with your blog title Jo, you are wide open to odd searches. Are you sure it is 'fishing'? Another similar word comes to my mind.

  6. The Hon.Decca Mitford said:

    previous post categorised as
    'gay outing' now being denied ...Do shreik!

  7. Ah. A hon reading my blog.

    I filed in under that as that was the subject matter.

  8. It's been a while since I checked my stats - I might do it soon. Yours gave me such a laugh. Mine are always re: Mary Poppins or the stupid Toto song 'Rosanna'