Thursday, September 27, 2007


I am selling a book on Ebay. It is a while since I have sold anything on ebay. The last item was in dispute between R and myself. He said he gave it to me as a birthday present, hence I should not have sold it. I was sure it wasn't a present. Now I am not so sure. I kinda of wish I had kept it. I did get a very good price for William Yang's Sydney Diary though.

No danger this time as somehow I have ended up with two copies of the same book. The book is Tram way of Sydney. If there is not a bidding war and it does not sell, any blog reader is welcome to it for cost, $20, plus postage. I'll let you know if it does not sell.


  1. Sorry Andrew

    I'm REELING from the shock that you sold a William Yang!

    I never knew him in Australia but I discovered that we had friends in common. I saw him in London a couple of years ago and he was amazing.



  2. Yes, I wish I hadn't Pants. It was photos of the gay scene, the arts scene and Sydney's party scene in the late seventies and eighties. How many people were outed in the book. Not that they cared. Sydney was a place of extreme parties then.

  3. btw I dun do anything on ebay...did u read the recent news on how ebay customer credit-card details were out in the open on a msg board?


  4. Ebay is evil. I make ridiculous bids on shit I don't need for fun, and then end up winning.

    Does anyone need a megaphone?

  5. I doubt you need a megaphone Steph.

  6. Yes, did hear about that Keshi. I like living dangerously. Seriously, I have used my card many times and never had a problem and if I did through dishonest peoples, the bank will wear it.

  7. I've bought heaps on ebay, never sold anything tho (I dunno how lol)

  8. Don't tell me you have bought a mug on Ebay Jo?