Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Downhill Day

The afternoon started well. I did not wait long for the bus and the driver had the aircon on, so it was not too hot inside. Life deteriorated from there.

The bus driver was one of those really nice and helpful people. She answered questions in great detail, gave a publication to someone, and then two other passengers wanted one. She waited while an elderly lady fished around in her purse for change. SCREW that. I want to get to where I am going and not these endless delays.

I had to collect something from OPSM for R. I had my newspaper and contentedly waited for nearly half an hour because a message wasn't passed on. I like being a martyr when I have the time. I gave the person a decent serve when I was finally attended to.

Now, you would think it would be easy to buy a six day old first day cover from the biggest post office in Victoria. No. How that women keeps her job I do not know.

I wanted some nuts. I like nuts. They are always fresh and warm at Myer. Where has Myer food hall gone? I would like an iced coffee too. Gone.

The queue for the express checkout stretched from one side of the supermarket to the other. 457 visas are now available for potential supermarket workers.

It clearly is not my day.

The coffee shop in QV had no vacant seats, so I went to one I usually like opposite the town hall. I was served lousy coffee in a paper cup. I saw glasses stacked up, why did I get it in a paper cup?

I boarded a B class tram for my trip home. It was so hot at one end. I moved to the other end where the aircon was correctly set. A tourist was looking around for a map. I could see one, right behind the heads of seated passengers. What bright spark thought to put the map there?

I have cleaned the oven and so forbid R to cook tonight. We will go out.


  1. I stayed up too late and was in a irritable mood Who Me. Such are days off from work or the night before.

  2. What was going on for you? I can see at least 8 things that you were bothered by.

    I hope today is a better day for you.

  3. A good whinge to cleanse the soul Denys.

  4. What happens when you clean the toilet???

  5. What are bathroom basins for Jo?


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