Monday, September 03, 2007

Don't Fence Me In

I was going to write something about Sydney and APEC and the security measures, but so many have mentioned it already, so I shan't bother with anything expressing outrage in a democracy or how we Melbournians are so smugly laughing at the flashy tart to the north of us.

What I did find very interesting was to learn some of the security measures for the Sydney Olympics in 2000. Army battalions permanently stabled in secret areas under the stands in Homebush Stadium, hairs taped across fire exits of city hotels, checked daily. There was more but I forget now.

I'll just post a few salient links from blogging mates. Somehow I don't think APEC in Sydney will be of political advantage to Mr Malcolm Turnbull in his posh eastern suburbs electorate of Wentworth. Fortunately our electoral commission operates very independently and balances electorates quite well.

I suppose I am pleased that they have locked all those foreign types and Howard behind a fence. I don't think even Sydney people would want those types among them.

Governor General
Jo and Steph are only just recovering from their boozy weekends and haven't noticed anything yet.
Keshi said in an unrelated post
btw City roads are blocked today cos of the APEC summit usual route to work has been blocked with barricades and there are loads of Police guys walking around, loud choppers trying to make us deaf, massive Police boats in the harbour etc. Never seen the city like this before! Anyways, Mr.George Bush is going to be in town soon and I hope I get to wave at him cos he's going to be staying very close to where I work! :) O the mess he creates just by one visit to Sydney!


  1. "..hairs taped across fire exits of city hotels.."

    Andrew, that was one of ASIO's top secrets. OMG. Now the terrorists are gonna have to leave via the front door. lmao

  2. And no doubt a note has been made on my file at ASIO. It is a bit low tech really when you think about it.

  3. were they pubic hairs? a friend of mine once lost a bet and had to taps his pubes to the front window and leave them there for a week.

    as for apec... wouldn't even know it was happening here, the blue mountains are a long way from the city and it's life as usual here... apart from the extra public holiday that we get :-)

  4. ps.... taps = tape

  5. You straights get into some kinky stuff Jo. I think they would have to be head hair. Curly ones would be too difficult. Maybe straight Asian pubes, and then the black might be noticeable.

    So my stalking area is narrowed to Blue Mountains. Dunno why you should have a public holiday. Last time at Katoomba mid summer, could not even see three sisters because of fog.

  6. Any excuse for a public holiday, who cares what it's for, and Katoomba is way up the top, I live down the bottom where we pretty much get Sydney weather

  7. Ah, the foothills Jo.