Saturday, September 29, 2007

Choosing a neighbour

You know folks, we could be looking down on this building now. Imagine how great it would be if it was restored. It could be apartments or offices.....maybe an artist's colony or a boutique hotel.

Instead we look down on this ugly monstrosity.

The old building was demolished in the sixties I believe and did I read somewhere where the normally unsentimental demolition crew were a bit regretful.

I supposed the developers are dead now. I hope their spirits are floating in a troubled and restless limbo somewhere.

Beauty is easily seen in one simple picture. Here is another picture so that you can fully appreciate ugliness.


  1. Unbelievable that they would demolish such a beautiful work of art :-(

  2. It so is Jo. I have many photos of it including interior shots. It was very grand.

    A private house I think Firehorse. Most of St Kilda Road was grand private houses. Only one remains as a private house. The present building is mostly offices with some retail on the ground floor and an upmarket restaurant which I cannot understand how survives.

  3. It looks like you are answering a question that I haven't asked. What happened to my comment.

  4. You put the comment in the wrong post so I answered here and there as well.

  5. What a disgrace.

    There was a huge bluestone church being demolished in Port Melbourne, I was astonished.
    It's been replaced by a Starbucks, with an apartment building up top.
    It looks like a prison

  6. If you want the ultimate example of how modern apartment blocks look like modern prisons take a look at the place on the corner of Williamstown Road and Francis Street. A definite deterrent to crime.

    I shudder.

  7. In Bay Street?

    I know Francis Street, the truck street, but cannot visual the intersection you mention Robert. I will look at street directory tomorrow.

  8. Bay and Graham Streets, on the corner. It was a few years ago, and I'd had a good snoop around it previously. Huge place, more than one hundred years old, and with grass around it. Next time I passed demolition was underway, only the facade was left, with a large hole in the stained glass window.

    Cruelty, there's no other word.

  9. Yes Francis Street and Williamstown Road. The Service station on the opposite corner is going for apa-a-a-rtments as well. Everything in Yarraville is going for apartments: blank, featureless, spooky....Surrealism like I've never seen.

    Dog boxes.