Monday, September 24, 2007

Busy day in St Kilda Road

You don't move to the city environs for a quiet life, that's for sure.

I was just dropping off last night and rat a tat tat. Tram track works. A jackhammer in full flight. Oh, to be bothered by Rosanna's magpies. I closed my window.

I did not hear multiple police sirens. R asked how I could possibly have slept through them. I did hear R's light switch click though when he got up to take a look at what was happening. It was around four this morning when I looked out my window to see a car on a median strip surrounded by seven police cars. I found out what it was all about later from The Herald Sun.

Then this morning when driving home for lunch, I came across this little bit of drama in St Kilda Road about half a kilometre from home.

Pic is from Herald Sun website.


  1. Okay, so you got the tougher end of the bargain.

    Two accidents in one day? St Kilda Road needs some serious help. What happened with the trams? Did you get to the bottom of it? I saw the carnage but haven't heard the cause. Bloody annoying.

  2. Yeah I heard that on the news and thought of you oddly enough? Probably because of the very post you wrote on the weekend.

    I'm terrified of driving in Melbourne, and Sydney too. But the trams just make it that much worse when you're not used to it.

    The Canberra traffic is so much more civilised. Although you do have to watch those cars with DC plates who might forget which side of the road they're supposed to be on.

  3. Just one tram into the back of another Rosanna. At quite a speed by the look of it.

    As Da Sedge said Who Me, Life imitating blog.

    DC? diplomat plates?

  4. Wow, what an image of that tram. I only heard about it on the radio until now that is.
    And, the accident outside your apartments...what is the World coming to eh? Sheesh..

  5. Yep...DC = Diplomatic Corp.....I think? Definitely diplomatic anyway.

  6. I think you jinxed them after blogging about trams in Texas a few days back.

  7. Yes, better keep my fingers still on tram accidents Jo.