Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bums for Bush

Dudes with long greasy hair and lasses without makeup and wearing noserings don't like the APEC meetings underway in Sydney. Sydney has a big fence to keep them away from the world leaders. But still there will be protests.

These are thinking young and not so young people (unlike moi) acting for the most part with ideal motives, not like the self serving lot on the inside of the fence. I trust the rabbles judgement, so here is my tiny effort to support them.

Roll up to Sydney's Hyde Park at 3pm on September 7th and flash it in Bush's direction. Bums for Bush
Events like this should be faithfully recorded, so,do take some pictures for your blog.


  1. Wooh! Ladies!....Really! Where's your dignity, modesty -and all else! Wake up, no man with character would want a dame like that!

    (I'll take the third from the left)

  2. ur kidding me right!!!

    btw hop ova to my blog...we r very Aussie today.


  3. hhmmm.....I might take a trip to the city to perve some bottoms

  4. Cheeky asses..good on them :)

  5. "Does my bush look big in this?"

    Well someone had to say it ... and we are a running off at the mouth tart so we stepped into the breach ... so to speak.

  6. I love all this APEC business - it brings for some exciting blog posts. Bums for Bush? I love it. I also loved the ZOO Weekly girl's slogan...

  7. They ain't no ladies RH.

    True Keshi. Don't wave at Bush but join the throng in Hyde Park.

    Pics Jo, take pics.

    I would at least wax first M'lord.

    I kind of wish I was there Rosanna so I could complain about it.

  8. Love your work Cazzie.

  9. I lived in the US during the first gulf war whilst George Bush Snr was Prez. There was a peace march in Washington and some of the women were carrying this banner:


    I think it is funny. I work on Saturday but I still don't think I'd give Dubya the pleasure of seeing my arse.

  10. Ditto Denys. We gays don't give our asses (ass is not a swear word, arse is) up so readily for public viewing.

    I don't recall protests in Oz about the gulf war. Interesting that there were in the US. Maybe my memory is defective.

  11. How about Heinies for Howard? Asses for APEC?

  12. I've always understood "ass" to be the American spelling.

    "We gays". That's a big call Andrew. Personally, I am wary of speaking in such broad terms.

    As for your memory - it was 1990/91.

    Too funny Lad Litter.

  13. Ass is almost a different word. Different spelling to arse and different pronunciation.

    You are happy to readily bare your ass then Denys?

    Whatever year, were there protests? I am starting to recall. Hawke was in power. I think there were some demos against it.