Monday, September 10, 2007

The Brunswick Street Haircut

I get my hair cut at an elcheapo place in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. It is quite quick to get to and from by tram. Brunswick Street is very trendy, trendy to the point that your Bayswater types (I can only apologise again if you live in Bayswater) visit it on Sundays. There are some interesting shops. Someone's partner is somewhat obsessed with coffee mugs, just like one of my blog mates. No names Jo. I should take pictures of our coffee mugs.

I filled in the time I had to wait for my haircut by checking out a couple of shops. One had quite a nice selection of coffee mugs. I turned one over that I thought R would particularly like to check the price and it was $42. Set of six? You do the arith. Perhaps too grand to serve a cup of Pablo Caterers Blend.

But there is always someone interesting on the Brunswick Street tram. One day I sat opposite tv personality Paul McDermott. Another time two lads who skateboard at St Patrick's Church and we all know how that ended in tears. Today was Asian day. Going to Brunswick Street, I was surrounded by senior school students from Adelaide. I listened carefully to their voices but I could not detect any difference to Melbourne voices. I know they use some different words though. Your Zone 1 in Adelaide may be huge, but ours in bigger. I wondered if I should offer them some public transport help with tickets or where they were, but I wasn't in the mood (read none of the guys were attractive).

Returning home, I sat opposite a young Asian man. He was very nice looking in a drug dealer sort of manner and had rips all over his jeans. He had some very tiny mp3 player and was intent on his music. I had my perving, cannot see my eyes, sun glasses on and I could see right up a rip to his thigh.

I did not stalk him, I promise. But we both alighted at Swanston Street, both caught the same tram up Swanston Street and both went down the escalator into Big W in QV. Did I mention that there was rip in his jeans at the rear too!

He disappeared from my life in QV. I bought a couple of things at Safeway. Had a good cup of coffee and then trammed it home. A drunken Aboriginal woman boarded the tram at Flinders Street, swearing away in a very loud voice and with an unlit ciggie in her hand. The whole attention of the tram turned to her, but she settled down after a bit. Although I was three metres away, I could smell the booze from her.

As I was ready to get off the tram I noticed a handsome young Asian man standing next to me. In a split second, I realised he is my neighbour on our floor, the rich HK family with a Mercedes. He acknowledged me cautiously when I said hello.

He unnaturally went one way when I left the tram and I went in a direct line across the road to home. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him bounding across the road in my direction. Hi, he said. Sorry, you are my neighbour aren't you. I didn't reply, yeah well we all look the same but you ought to know me by sight by now.

We walked into the foyer together and I started to ask his opinion of the foyer renovations but as soon as we entered I was assailed by a resident who has had his car 'keyed'. Long term neighbour war in the building. I wanted to travel up in the lift with the neighbour lad and sus out whether he is a effeminate straight or a gay. I wanted to ask him about the West Highland Terrier pup that they have just bought. R saw his mother later and had a chat about the pup.

I spent far far too long on this machine today and it really is good to get out and about and interact with people, or just observe them.

Tomorrow I am going to some place called Eroc to learn how to do the job that I have been doing for nearly three decades. If I plead glare problem from the fluoro lighting, I can put my sunglasses on and have a doze, but not to the point where my head drops and I dribble. I am quite good at the wide awake doze, so long as you can't see that my eyes are closed.


  1. As a voyeur, I like this sort of posting. Peeping Tom is an offensive term for research.

  2. Can't help how people dress RH.

  3. Andrew, I am absolutely positive you must have seen me a thousand times in the city before without ever having realised it. I was in QV yesterday. That being said, there are lots of people in Melbourne, and if you ever did happen to see me - you mightn't recognise me.

  4. I perhaps wouldn't Rosanna if I wasn't exactly looking for you. I was in there about 3.00 to 3.45.

  5. Another Mugophile??? Thinks we will soon have to organise some sort of support group.

  6. Support group for their partners Jo. 'We don't need any coffee mugs', is a futile argument.

  7. "He disappeared from my life in QV." But has he disappeared from yours. Maybe he is stalking you Andrew. :)

  8. I was not of his world. I doubt he noticed me.

  9. Me too. Buying shoes. 2:45, I met a friend at Central. Le bizarre.

  10. I can't help how they UNdress, can a Peeping Tom yell instructions?
    Wake up to yourself.