Saturday, September 22, 2007


Melbourne is unusual in the western world in that it has retained and expanded its tram system or street cars or trolley cars if you like.

Visitors, and especially those from interstate, are often quite apprehensive about driving around and near trams. So they should be. My advice is to them is to stay away from them like I do when I am driving. I know what trams are capable of when they mix closely with cars. It ain't pretty and the tram will always win.

Of course if they have no fear of our trams, we still have up our sleeve, THE HOOK TURN. These are at many city intersections and a few in South Melbourne. They are in place to allow cars to turn right, but without interfering with trams. This diagram from the Victorian roads authority, VicRoads, explains it much better than I could in words. I make some hook turns in South Melbourne at times, but I am very wary about making them in the city.

The above is just an excuse to post this liveleak video of tram clearing its path of obstacles. I think it may be in Houston, Texas. Marvellous.

The video may be owned by Live Leak poster jenva.


  1. I was so proud when I first ever conquered a hook turn. Now I can do them with grace :)

  2. I have so far avoided having to do a hook turn when I've been driving in Melbourne. In fact, until the last couple of times down there, I'd go out of my way to avoid roads with tramlines.

  3. The problem I have with them Cazzie, is that you are so reliant on other cars not running a red light.

    I get frustrated when behind them Ian but of course I know if all the people in the tram were in cars, how much worse it would be. In my car, it is all about me. That is why I used public transport a lot. You have to interact with people and it is always interesting to observe the goings on, both inside and out.

  4. Anonymous5:42 pm

    It's not just relying on the cars though, it's the trams too! And to have something like that bearing down on you is bloody awful.

  5. Oh, now I know why I live in a small town!

  6. Good reason to stay out of the way hey Captain.

    Daisy Jo, id you visualise making a hook turn in your manner of wrong side of road driving? I cannot.

  7. Better it happens in Texas than my doorstep M'lord.


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