Sunday, September 09, 2007


Or OPEC is it? George is a little confused. Australia, koala. Austria, peasant skirt dancing. OPEC is obviously on your mind George?

APEC has concluded. What do we recall? Post a comment on an agreement remembered from the news.

We are victims of the media. We hear what they say and go no further. It is presented on a platter in the newspapers, on line and on radio and tv.

All I recall about APEC is the Sydney security measures and The Chaser.

It has been suggested that if the APEC meetings went well, it could be to PM Howards political advantage.

Apart from The Chaser, who too any notice?

Nah, it has ended up being about ABC TV, The Chaser, fences, over zealous security yet incompetent security who let them in.

I read widely. Tell me where anything productive came from the APEC meetings.


  1. Yep! The Chaser, delays at the airport, not being able to contact any establishments in Sydney CBD.....and The Chaser!

  2. well I finally managed to get felt up by coppers so I walked away satisfied.

  3. **Tell me where anything productive came from the APEC meetings.

    Keshi cud ogle at hot Aussie policemen ard her office building. That was a plus for sure!


  4. Well, I did manage to catch some of Bush and Howie speaking on the ABC Live and they just pushed their love of partnership for each other and bla bla bla really. I did listen intently for anyhting I would find new or interesting. Obviously it is important to Bush for Howie to get in again..that was all that was obvious to me :)

  5. It will be all worth it when we tune in on Wednesday night Who Me.

    Was he hot Steph? I mean him, not his hands.

    You don't have a 'man in a uniform' thing do you Keshi?

    Nothing new nor interesting Cazzie, except more mangled language.

  6. I saw that photo of your leg, Steph and it's a wonder they didn't arrest you for insufficient means of support.

    Loved the shoes though.

  7. actually I do LOL!


  8. But will they let them show the footage? I thought it would confiscated?

  9. Good question Who Me. I am sure they have a plan.


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