Monday, September 10, 2007

APEC Spouses 2

You have to feel a little sorry for The Herald Sun headline writers. The husband (he is not gay) of Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark (she is not gay), totally wrecked their 'The First Wives Club' headline.

I was taught as a child to never comment negatively about a persons appearance, advice which I have ignored throughout my life. So let us have a go at the spouses of the world's leaders.

On the left we have Mrs Hong Kong. Red and black always work well. Clearly not a cheap outfit and very tasteful. Her hair could be a bit better although the dye is good. I would have thought something a bit flashier from HK.

Next in is Mrs Mexico. We can't see much of her. Her hair is rather flat and boring. She looks like she could be quite attractive and she looks to be the youngest.

I'll lump these two together. Mrs South Korea next in and next to the bloke who is not gay is Mrs Indonesia. Older big haired Asian women scare me. It gives them a certain harshness and makes it clear to the peasants that they are far superior to them. Mrs Indonesia seems to be wearing a gold coloured outfit. Careful to not upstage our Jeanette.

Next to Mrs Indonesia and to the front coz she is really short, is the sensibly dressed Mrs Vietnam. Leaders of communist countries can't be too flashy, hence her Exacto wind cheater jacket and the knock off Louis Vuitton hand bag she grabbed at the market on the way to the airport. Only cost fifty thousand dong comrade, a bargain.

Now what is going on here with Mrs Taiwan, to the far right. My dear, you have really let the team down with your hand knitted cardy. China is communist, Taiwan is capitalist, not the other way around. You must create a glamorous image so that the people across the water envy you and want to become capitalist too. No make up, no effort with hair and your hand bag looks like the one my grandmother used to take to church. Is that a chicken foot pinned to your cardy in case you feel like a snack?

I am guessing Mrs Canada looked quite good, as our Jeanette stood in front of her and blocked her out. Lest you make no mistake, our Prime Minister's wife is the one in the pale blue pants suit. She certainly wasn't going to be upstaged by anyone. I suppose at least her clod hoppers (shoes Daisy Jo) match her suit well. A primary school teacher can rise to be anything.

Left one out have I? Yes, second in from the right, Mrs Japan. Simple and elegant and a flattering hair style. She looks a knock out. Congrats to you Mrs Japan. You outdid the lot of them.


  1. Quite a nice intro to the APEC spouses. Sounded a bit like war widows. :)


  2. You can find Mrs Canada here -

    Most interesting is Mrs Mexico - Margarita Zavala ( She was a member of parliament and quite active in Mexican politics. Not to mention rather attractive!

    And I agree with you about Mrs Japan (Akie Abe) - she looks very stylish.

  3. Oh dear Keshi.

    LiC, Mrs Canada is only 44. She has the looks of someone who has fun.

    Mrs Mexico is clearly a person in her own right. I am pretty well Mexico illiterate.

  4. Oh Andrew! You've outdone yourself! Queer eye for the straight girl!!! Agree with you on every count. Especially Mrs Japan.

    I will laugh myself to sleep at your eloquent description of that photograph!

  5. No need to explain clod-hoppers to a country girl like me. We grow up hopping clods in the fields ;)

    I could use you over here to give me fashion advice, though!

  6. I am pleased to have amused Who Me.

    I wondered Daisy Jo. We probably picked it up from the US.

    Face to face I would go to water Daisy Jo. That dress does not make your ass look large. Of course orange is your colour.

  7. Janettes shoes (with those trousers) is a style zero, whereas you are so right:
    Mrs Japan makes them all look like a budget bus tour group.
    Is Mr Japan still that tall one with the long hair?

  8. You tease...I'm smarter than that! I know that it's not the dress that makes the ass look big; it's the ass!

  9. No, he has gone now. The new one has no charisma and seems to have a lot of corrupt people around him.

    Yeah Daisy Jo, but there are flattering clothes and not so flattering.

  10. Mrs Japan is are right Andrew :)

  11. Groomed but not over done Cazzie.


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