Sunday, August 19, 2007

The TV

Written a week ago mostly.

Even though it may make me seem like a sad loser, I like tv. If I actually sit down and watch it, my brain almost switches off and I focus on what I am watching and hearing. My brain needs a rest. It is far too active without some focus such as tv. I hasten to add, not active in a good way, just active. I shan't be solving any of the world's problems or even my own.

So what have I been watching. I watched an episode of Backyard Blitz last night and enjoyed it very much. Ok, yes seeing Jamie helped, but the show has changed. It had a much less stagy feel to it. I believe it was made last year and is only being shown to stymie Jamie on Channel 7 with his show about Australia's best gardens. Haha, Channel 7 pulled their Jamie show this week.

I mostly watch (and listen) to the ABC and my life would be much less without our ABC. I often bother the ABC with emails and letters. That is because I care and because I care, they have a responsibility to me.

Midsommer Murders has been rating well. I watch it, but only for the scenery, the houses and the English manners.

I sometimes see Channel 7's Deal or no Deal, and I think I have nearly worked out how the show works......almost.

Somewhat entranced by Antiques Roadshow.

Of course I watch The Bill.......still. It is an ingrained habit.

I did end up watching Ugly Betty. It really wasn't much of a show, but I stuck with it. I drifted off Grey's Anatomy. I stuck with Desperate Housewifes. Wonder if it is true that a gay couple will feature in the next series. Will the gay couple, rumoured, be Robbie Williams and David Beckham? Becks screaming out 'f me daddy, harder' works for me.

I guess they essentially soap operas, but by golly I enjoyed watching The Circuit on SBS, and still enjoying Kick. The Circuit was a fantabulous insight into modern Aboriginal culture and problems and presented in a very palatable form. Well done.

I am well over Silent Witness. Bring back Sam Ryan.

New Tricks got a repeat run. Good show and a bit different.

Robin Hood. Nothing like how I remember Robin Hood, but I enjoyed it muchly.

New series of Doctor Who, ok, not what it used to be. Sometimes shows should die a bit earlier.

I was excited by Torchwood, given what I had learned about Torchwood from Doctor Who. What a disappointment. Awful and unwatchable tripe.

I suppose I will watch the new series of Kath and Kim on commercial tv, perhaps only once. God, I have seen all previous episodes and remember them back on commercial tv many years ago. Ho hum and ho hum.

New cop show starting on commercial tv. Forgotten the name, but I will watch that as what a star cast.

Worst Jobs in History is rating well. After visiting Broken Hill and now knowing about young kiddies down mines and the deaths of so many workers, R and I have decided this show is not for us. The first series was enough.

Also depressing is Media Watch, but every secondary school student should be forced to watch Media Watch.

Denton I watch sometimes. I saw the Mount Isa episode tonight and it was good.

The endless repetition in shows like Border Security bore me senseless and I have given up trying to watch them.

Sea Patrol is good. I like it, except for the Lisa McClune character. Not sure if she is a good actor or not, and you never would know from her part in the show.

An old **** has been on the Einstein Factor and is in the finals. He used to be so pretty, so shy and self effacing, as only men with a gigantic **** could be.

The Cook and the Chef still get a big tick.

Tried to watch The Eagle on SBS, but I am always too distracted by pc or something to read to keep up with subtitles.

I am sure I have missed a show or two.


  1. I watched the new Kath and Kim tonight. I didn't think it was as good as it could have been, and don't think it has anything to with the move to a commercial network. It just seemed to lack that certain something. Perhaps it will improve over the next few episodes.

    As for Dr Who, I love it. I remembered to tape last nights episode, which I watched this morning and can't wait until the second installment of the cliff hanger. Will Martha be able to turn the Dr back into a time lord? Does the young boy have special powers or is he a Timelord himself? And just who on Rupert are "The Family"?

  2. After arguing with my mum over the amount of murder mysteries coming from The Motherland, I sat down and did the math. Yes, it's true - if every person killed on in a British whodunnit in the last ten years was added up, it would equal exactly 1.458 times their current population.

  3. Agree Ben, Dr Who was good this week. Kath and Kim were as I guessed they would be.

    Interesting stat Rob. Wonder who will kill the last person?

  4. I was disappointed with Kath and Kim. It seemed well you know, noice, diff'rent, noice. More money, less laughs.

    Aren't you **** (polite). I would never give a F*#@. :)

  5. Less laughs, or perhaps we are just so used to their humour.

    I don't really swear, well I save it for extreme occasions but I find it hard to write swear words. Makes me sound a goody two shoes, but I just never have.

  6. Oh, and feel free to swear in comments. No problem.


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