Monday, August 20, 2007

Trams in Annadale

As per request, a bit of info about trams in the Sydney suburb of Annadale. A tram turned off Parramatta Road into Ross Street and travelled along Ross Street, Minogue Crescent, the Crescent and then along Victoria Road and across the Iron Cove Bridge and onto Ryde I think.

There wasn't a Minogue Crescent then. There was a Crescent Street and it ended about about half way along Harold Park race track. The tram went through what was probably parkland or open land or bush and The Crescent started at Rose Street and Nelson Street but did not actually run along The Crescent, but just to the west of it. It joined The Crescent at View Street.

Clearly a road was built that followed the tram track, probably when the tram line closed. The tram line perhaps closed in 1953. It was never a dead halt. Bits were closed progressively.

A short line ran behind the Harold Park race track, north side to the Rozelle tram Depot, almost to Maxwell Road. By a current map, the depot looks to be in Forest Lodge.

The Lilyfield tram turned off Crescent Street at its end, now seemingly also called Minogue Crescent and travelled through open land and across a bridge over Johnston's Creek., now referred to as a stormwater channel. There seems to be a walking trail there now that follows the tram route and the footbridge across the creek may well be the original tram bridge.

The tram went down Taylor Street and turned right into Booth Street which changes to Moore Street. It then turned into Catherine Street and the Lilyfield terminus was at Lilyfield Road, back then called Abattoir Road.

A tram line continued along Moore Street and again slightly north and overland next to Moore Street West. The Leichhardt Bus Depot was the Leichhardt Tram Depot. The line ran along William Street to Norton Street and I expect this was only for working operations. A tram ran along Norton Street from Parramatta Road on its way to what seems to be a Balmain connection, via Perry Street, Balmain Road and Darling Street.

Trams came down Parramatta Road as far as Crystal Street and after turning into Crystal Street, they went on to terminate at Canterbury.

Getting a bit far away now from Annadale, but a tram also ran along Glebe Point Road to terminate at Cook Street.

Hmm, I quite enjoyed that. Hope it is of interest. All info is as I can see it, not necessarily correct.


  1. Thank you so much Andrew. I greatly appreciate this and very much of interest. I have a friend who is a bus driver. I think she would be a great tram driver.

    It seems then that the trams only came through the northern end of Annandale. Rose and Nelson Streets and The Crescent which borders Lilyfield. Minogue Crescent is in Forest Lodge which borders Annandale. Taylor Street is also in the northern end although Booth is in the middle.

    I am surprised that no trams travelled along Johnston Street (which is the suburbs widest street) coming from Parramatta Road.

    I will take some photos for you of the footbridge and the concrete 'creek'.

    Cheers, Denys.

  2. Re Johnston Street, there can be historical reasons why a tram may not go along certain streets, sometimes political even. More often though it is a reason why they did go along certain streets. Thanks in advance for the photos. I'd be interested to see the foot bridge.


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