Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Totally screwed up

To the woman tram passenger today who made tut tut noises at me, don't worry, I would have done the same. I wanted to get off the tram at Bourke Street and I was running a few minutes late. Preoccupied with trying to be punctual, I lost track of where I was and almost got off the tram at Collins Street. I caused an absolutely confusing pile of people as I almost got off the tram and and then realised I was at the wrong stop. Previously I had been fuming about all these people standing in the doorway and blocking it. Their crime was less than mine.

I met ex building manager's wife for coffee and caught up on all goss.

I then went to the State Library to check out a book I had ordered to be brought up from the bowel of library. I had ordered the wrong one. Well, I am not hanging around for twenty minutes while they retrieve the correct book. I do almost have a life you know.

Into office works to buy a steel ruler and surprise surprise, they had just what I wanted and not so bad at $4.60. (anyone thinking kinky thoughts, desist now). Ah but......ah, at the check out I discovered I had $3.40 in my wallet. Oh yeah, I was supposed to go the electric bank. I put the ruler behind the counter. Did the lass believe that I would be back? Well, I did go back with enough money.

A wee bit of shopping in Woolworths, collect the ruler and head off to Dick Smith for now foam ear bud coverings. A new set of buds costs $16. Three sets of foam replacements in fashion colours for $9. I only want black. Another mistake. I should have just bought a new set. I am not wearing red or bright blue foam ear buds. Yes, I bought the set of fashion replacements.

To Myer to see if they have any nice sun glasses. My sunnie's arms are about to snap. After fifteen minutes of looking, yes I know that is short in girl terms, but it is long in guy terms, I bought a pair. When R arrived home he grinned widely when I put them on. F you, I said. You did not like my last pair and so they are sitting in the wardrobe going to waste.

Nearly ready to go home but damn and botheration, I am cooking tonight and I forgot the Lup Chong in the supermarket. Trudge up the Bourke Street hill to the Asian grocer in Russell Street and buy some. Cheaper here anyway.

Want to go for a walk sweetie, I said to R when he arrived home. No, you have forgotten I am going to the dentist.

Ah well, I walk on my own as I want to take some pictures of new buildings in St Kilda Road. Yesterday was an RDO for constructions workers, today must have been overtime day as they were all still working at 5pm and showing now sign of rushing off, so I was short one picture. I didn't want to invade the worker's privacy. Besides, big Bill Biffo was standing near the gates.

Sister's birthday yesterday and as well as sending her a card, I also smsed her. She replies this evening. God, how much time can babies take up? Can't a kid suck while you hold it with one hand and you text with the other? I am not telling R the contents of the sms as the bone doctor arranged a surprise party for her last Sunday, with all her friends there, but clearly no rels. I don't need another rant from R about my sister.

But after a bit dodgy efforts the last couple of times, my fried rice was divine tonight. (Must stop picking up Rosanna words, such as divine)

Later edit: Now another screw up. I posted a comment on someone's blog thinking they were a different blogger. Slow down flawed human being Andrew.


  1. Ahem. I'm not sure whether to be confused or offended.

    I was studying in the State Library, and so I mave just passed you there... I study there every day, actually. The uni library is far too noisy.

  2. *may have. Mave is not a Rosanna word, but rather a typo.

  3. Did you like my aftershave as we brushed past each other in the library Rosanna? Dreadfully expensive aftershave is the only extravagance I still indulge in.

  4. I must confess that I didn't smell any extravagant after shaves... I study on the 2nd level, 5th desk.

  5. **After fifteen minutes of looking

    ur kidding me right Andrew! It wud take weeks for me to hunt for n purchase a pair of sunnies that I like :)


  6. What a full day you had. Amazing the amount of things we get done in one day..where does the time go? I hate forgetting things at the supermarket..I always seem to do it when I need somehting like toothpaste or softener for the wash...it bugs me but it does happen more than I would like it to. YES..I make a list, NO I don;t always take it, haha... guess I can be given concession to forget some things right?

  7. Stop it Keshi. It brings back childhood nightmares of shopping with my mother.

    Another one who writes a list and then forgets it Cazzie. Concession granted.