Thursday, August 09, 2007

Take a bow Ms Deveny

I am not sure where this cheeky upstart came from. I only noticed her a few months ago. Catherine Deveny writes opinion pieces for The Age newspaper. She writes a little like a blogger having a good old rant. I like her.

If you haven't caught up with her down to earth, boiling it back to the basics writing, this column on our Medical Insurance companies and Medicare is not a bad one to start with. Of course I agree with almost every thing she says nearly all time, otherwise I would not be promoting her here.


  1. I'm with you Shirl on this young ... well, I'm assuming she's young - well on the basis that almost anyone I come across is younger than moi - well chronologically if not attitudinally (sorry mate, I'm a t*t man even if I have to ineptly and gratuitously diguise it within that word at...udinally ... of course if you read the chronologically subtext I'm also a "log" ... probably not a term well comprehended by the young things of today) ... now where was I before I flew off onto this long and totally irrelephant aside?

    Think it was that, like you, I like the cut of this lass's jib. Not enough of them!! Our Copperwitches and Brownies didn't bred enough and leave lots of 'em for prostraterity.

    "Shirley, peel me another Beulah and Penis Colada!"

    (I blame the Chatea Cardbawd.)

  2. Don't know that she is that young M'lord. I am still translating your comment, almost there.

  3. "still translating your comment"

    Have a practice run on the Dead Seas Scrolls - a doddle by comparison.

    Upon rereading my own comment I have to admit to having a spot of trouble me goodself.

    (Really must stop buying those $2.99 6 packs of 10 litre casks of Lambrusco at Aldi's.)

  4. Yes I agree with you.

    but never get her mixed up with the similar name 'Miranda Devine RWDBeast' oh no no no.

    re translation for Shirley:
    "Beulah - peel me a grape!"
    was fabulous in context as (the also fabulous) Miss Mae West wrote it for one of her films.

    peace and love to Brownie the Breeder wherever she are.

  5. Keep buying them M'lord. Some people do crosswords as they age. I just decipher your comments.

    Vaguely knew of the quote bwca and I never would confuse the un-divine Ms Devine with anyone. I have forgotten about Brownie, shallow gay creature that I am.