Thursday, August 23, 2007

St Caths St Kevs presents

I have no comment.


  1. Nor me ... other than to say ... No! I must resist. I think I can. I know I can.

    Otherwise the terrorists win.

  2. is that actually to do with st caths and st kevs?

    i'm confused

  3. Wait! What am I pulling off?! I want to know!

  4. Oh go on, comment. Pleeeze!

    I have no idea what St Caths or St Kevs is but I do hope Daisy pulls it off. She looks pretty pleased. :)

  5. It is the name of a production put on by St Catherine's School and St Kevin's College.

    Daisy, the connection did not occur to me until I started making the post.

    The original is over 1mb Firehorse. You should see the satisfied expression on her face when it is a larger picture.

    Cazzie, suggest a production of the same at your children's school.


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