Friday, August 24, 2007

Rich Friends

We know a couple of guys who are seriously rich. I cannot say they are friends, but they are acquaintances who we see quite often at a common friend's. They own an apartment at Beacon Cove worth over a $1 mill and properties in Carlton and I expect they have lots of shares. They are incredibly tight over money when out for dinner. I thought I was bad enough, but I am getting better at it.

They have just a place built in Bali that cost them half a mill. The older one is an Mac Ewan hardware heir, deliberately misspelt, and is suffering from a terminal cancer. The other was a bank teller who took a redundancy package in the eighties. He sure fell on his feet when he met this older guy. They both set up the Melbourne W**nkers Group, which I believe is still successful, no lips below hips is the slogan (or dicks below the hips).

Our friend the ex NT pollie and policeman has holidayed with them in Bali in their stunningly gorgeous place. He doubts the older one will be ever going back there.

Our friend is now in KL, where he has met up again with his music producer friend, gay but married Chinese KL guy.

I had to laugh at this in an email. and as usual after I
walked out I was seduced by a guy I had been watching
inside but he was too shy to speak!

More likely our friend had pinned some innocent naive young man up against a wall, trapped until he gives over his phone number.

But it is a bit sad that this guy from Port Melbourne, Beacon Cove is going to die soon. His younger b/f is a binge drinker and has mental health issues. God knows how he will be without the stabilising influence of his partner, and especially so because he will have millions of dollars at his disposal.

Perhaps the luxury of his indulgences will disappear once he is on his own.....on his own up to a point if you don't count the Bali boyfriend.


  1. Sorry, perhaps I am being dense here (and you'll explain it privately over email), but what's the draw of the W**nker's Group with a slogan like that? Sounds like no fun at all.

  2. No link to your email on your page Daisy Jo. Email me ripppon at Just noticed your Flickr photo side bar thing. There are some great photos. Will go through them all when I have more time.

  3. Very sad for the older guy indeed. Sad that money cannot buy him better health for sure :(


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