Friday, August 31, 2007

Poverty Reigns

Armed with the confidence of being able to mention the Brighton Antique Dealer's name at Joels fine art and furniture auction house where she is well known, I carted our Peter Browne original painting, our Guy Boyd ashtray and an antique Chinese jar with a lid (pictured) to said premises for valuation.

BAD had told me who to ask for. I ended up not seeing any of them for one reason or t'other. The staff were not intimidating or snooty. Perfectly friendly and helpful, even with an el cheapo customer such as moi. I can recommend Joels.

The Peter Browne painting turned out to be worth less than the $2000 plus we thought it might fetch. More like $500. The Guy Boyd ash tray might fetch $100. I previously established it would cost about that to repair the crack and chip properly. The Chinese jar turns out to be Japanese, mass produced around 1900 and there are many of them around. It is chipped too and and not worth them writing a receipt for, put ever so nicely. We bought it for $50 in the late eighties. We were ripped orf.

The table it sits on is a very ornate carved nest of tables made of rosewood. They are actually worth a bit, one of few remains of our antique period. The ducks were a gift from a friend who brought them back from Bali. He died from HIV quite a few years ago.

Still, I not that unhappy that while we thought we may have a fortune sitting around, dreams have turned to dust. I kinda like all the bits of tat anyway and we will keep them. Let the heirs bother themselves about them.


  1. I like them all. Rosewood is lovely isn't it? I have fond memories of a friend named Neville. He lived in St Kilda. He adored ducks. He had many of those flying duck sets on the wall in his lounge. Poor Nev, he also succumed to the AIDS virus.

  2. Like my diamonds, well insured but impossible to sell. I like looking at them anyway.

  3. Too many Cazzie. Too many. I should of course said died from AIDS not HIV.

    Jahteh, although we are superficially beautiful of course, it is nice to have beautiful things around.

  4. I've got ducks on the wall, but only two (one of the babies missing. Maybe a hawk got it?)
    Have you been to "Toorak Auctions" in Caulfield? It's in Hawthorn Road, opposite Brighton cemetery, and run by a big old Dutchman named La Ponder (or something like that). He can get quite snappy at times, refusing to accept further bids from someone who makes a blunder during the process. Good fun.
    Anyway, I'm a collector myself, and bought a poker machine there: an old one-armed bandit. I paid four hundred about fifteen years ago and wouldn't flog it now for less than two thousand: the price of a plane ticket to get me to New York.

  5. I have been to that auction place a long time ago. I think he had an auction room in Watttletree Road, Malvern before the Caulfield one. We bought a very nice lounge suite for $2000. 'Quiet' he told me as I bid for it. 'Wait until it gets up near the correct price.' One armed bandits are much more fun than pushing buttons and an aching arm ensures you don't spend too long at the machine.

  6. Yes, he's cranky, but his wife's a sweetheart: the perfect marriage.

  7. auto-immune deficiency is a condition,
    which if present,
    causes the person to die of any OTHER stuff they might catch.

    and re the flu: germs are spread by coins. always wash hands between paying for lunch and touching it or your faces dear readers.

    (and no smart cracks about where the horses are 'shopping')

  8. I forgot when rambling above, that I came here to say don't fret, because
    ALL 'dreams are dust'
    and to suggest that
    your things are lovely and more valuable in Your Environment than elsewhere.

    In 1965 Leonard Joel ran out of 17 McKillop St off Bourke, and I worked next door to it, so spent lunchbreaks in the auctions and my taste was formed by Accident Of Location.

  9. Quite so Ann. The correction is corrected.

    So child labour was around into 1965! Do you know where Joel moved to from there? I am sure it is the back of my mind somewhere.

  10. Joel was in Inkerman Street St kilda, just west of Chapel Street, during the 1980s at least. I bought an old piano there and we brought it home on the back of a ute. The ute has gone to heaven now, the old sheep dog who rode around in it for twenty years went just beforehand, and I sold the piano and went to America. I think Joel has part of the old Hawksburn State school now where I got smacks until grade three before moving to Armadale State where in Grade six I rang the venerable school tower bell every lunch time.
    With a better education I'd be famous by now. Thank goodness for the State system.


  11. Of course RH, I have been to Joels in Inkerman Street. Pretty well all of Hawksburn State School I think. It is quite nicely renovated and converted.