Sunday, August 19, 2007

An Outing

Last Saturday we took our friends out for a grand night. Well, not that grand really. We took the brother friends and the ex NT politician/policeman and his Fijian Indian boyfriend and his boyfriend (don't ask) to the Palmerston Hotel in the nearby Kingsway. Ok meal. Good atmosphere. Best thing is it is walking distance for us.

All returned to our smart apartment on St Kilda Road for cups of tea and a lamington sponge. (I eschewed such nonsense and poured myself a decent drink)

I slipped my electric toothbrush into my pocket, after removing the head, and served said tea and sponge with something buzzing around my person. It took some time, but eventually someone said, 'Your vibrator is buzzing'. I am quite sure it has lost something in the retelling, but it was a good laugh at the time. Girls, don't you want to serve tea and cake while having something buzzing away. Make sure you pull a strange face every so often.


  1. Whenever someone says "don't ask", I need to. So...

  2. Just a weird three way relationship Firehorse. Could be described as having your cake and eating it too.


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