Thursday, August 09, 2007

No end to human's cruelty to animals

Read no further if you are a person who gets upset at cruelty to animals, like I do. I post this only to further public awareness and perhaps stimulate some folk to direct some of their money and energies towards to prevention of cruelty to animals and be outspoken and upstanding should the topic of conversation arise.

Today in a regional town of Victoria a dog was found impaled on the spikes of a fence. It was probably just a silly action on the part of a dog who liked to jump, but for a while there was a possibility of human involvement. The jury is still out.

Then there is this story from Queensland which I just came across, an attempt to skin a cat alive.

A gruff, outspoken and well known person from Australia's RSPCA was asked to comment on the dog impaling and he did and then went on to other animal cruelty. The broadcaster was pushed to ask him to tone it down. What did this RSPCA person say?

Last chance, leave now.

How about *****deleted*****.


  1. I hate ppl who treat animals that way! I hv no respect for such losers.


  2. I am inclined to think the dog had a wee accident. The position of the wound where it got "stuck" is totally where you would expect it to be if a dog was jumping a high fence and it's back legs caught on the top rail. I've seen enough dogs jump enough high fences and miss (in agility classes) to guess that this was probably the case. But I agree with you, there's some sick fuckers in this world.

  3. I'm just waiting for the "Pet+Sand" youtube sessions...not the sort of encouragement!

  4. I just think that sort of behaviour is disgusting.

    The worst thing I have ever seen was animal abuse in Italy. I still feel sickened just thinking about it.

    One of the few (I know - I sound awful, but how can anyone support all of the charities all of the time?) charities I donate money to is the WSPA.

    The principal of my high school was a staunch believer in eradicating animal cruelty. I was a Captain, so often we'd have meetings and she'd spend the whole time telling me about dancing bears and whale slaughterings... I can't even begin to tell you how horrendous some of the stories were.

    A worthy cause, I think.

  5. Yes Rob. I will delete the mention from my post.

    Rosanna, perhaps I should rethink my views on private schools. Well, I have mixed feelings anyway. I know how good they can be.

  6. They are rather good, but I didn't experience any other. I think my principal was also very good... my school is privately owned, so made a difference.