Monday, August 06, 2007

Just an early evening out

R feels the need to connect with the brother friends at least once every weekend and we usually do. We made arrangements to meet at a Chapel Street restaurant and I emailed the ex NT policeman, but he declined the invitation. I thought I better ask the dyke friends, so I smsed them and they declined too.
Then one of the dykes called R and said she would like to come for dinner and was it ok if she brought two female friends from Sydney. Sure, we replied.
We had to pick the dyke friend up from Dame M's where she had been having a drink or two and had also met Dame M's niece who is in Melbourne to buy stuff for her Queensland card shop. Some wholesaler exhibition at Jeff's Shed.
What nice lasses the Sydney friends turned out to be. One was chatty and outgoing and the other a bit shyer with a slight speech impediment. They both live in Lane Cove, although separately. I am not sure if they are dykes or sisters or friends. I will find out tomorrow.
They were staying at the Lindrum Hotel in Flinders Street and R felt compelled to offer them a lift back to their hotel, given it was drizzly and ever so cold.
About twelve years ago I was in a car going to the city on a Saturday night. Admittedly it was Grand Final night, but the traffic was horrendous. So when R mentioned taking them home, I went into panic mode. I don't drive in the City. Stuck in stop start traffic for an hour with people we hardly know is not my idea of a small favour.
I thought a bit and worked out the best way to go. Commercial Road into Punt Road, Wellington Street then Flinders Street and St Kilda Road to home. It went ever so quickly and they were so appreciative. They even asked nice questions about the Nylex clock and the silos.
They made an effort to be friendly and we responded. Even a jaded bitter old queen can be impressed by some people. Doubt we will ever see them again, but no matter. It was a nice experience.


  1. Being hospitable to travellers is one of the nicest things we can do.

    and re Wozza post above this one: I was charmed by the honesty of Joanne & the footballer. They had an amazing time on Denton's old Money Or The Gun show once.
    but little Indiana is gonna be teased at school over this pron thing.

  2. I like the new name. It is nice isn't it. Our ex NT policeman friend invites people to stay from all over the world and many do.