Sunday, August 05, 2007

Green not always good

The following is somewhat, but not totally negated by the fact that water tanks to collect roof run off were installed. The water in the tanks has not run out since they were installed, but have come close and certainly will in the summer. Then the system switches to mains water.

In the men's toilet at my work place, waterless urinals were installed. I wrote about it that time and you can search my blog for the post as easily as I can.

It was a few months ago and they have proved unpopular. Clearly some people use them as they absolutely stink. But very few use them as people don't like them and now are using the conventional toilets, and of course flushing, which they would not have done every time at the old standard urinal. Installing waterless urinals has meant an increase in water use.

To install the tanks a safe climbing ladder had to be installed. This meant moving the hot water service a couple of metres. Add to this flow restrictors and aerators on the taps mean that it takes two minutes for hot water to arrive at a basin from cold. Try it yourself. Stand for two minutes watching water flow from a tap. Insanity on its way. Some pressure will happen to improve pressure at some time and the flow restrictors will be removed. Not necessarily more water used, but certainly great inconvenience.

And every time a tap is turned on, an electric pump starts up.

Then there is these low power consumption lights that we are urged to use. Yet, I read about how much energy goes into the manufacture of the circuit board in the lights, along with the lights themselves.

Green is good, but has done be done sensibly, practically and with a view to all angles.

I am just waiting for the howls of triumph from my workplace about the reduction in water consumption. A clean and green workplace, bah.


  1. Yeah, see, you are right to look into all of these things. On the news they urged people to buy the environmentally friendly light globes, save millions of balloons a day of gasses going out into the atmosphere in Victoria alone..bla bla bla. But what they ougha be saying is, "If you don't need all the lights on in the house at the one time turn the Bleepers OFF!!"
    Common sense should prevail...cannot help dumb right?
    Second thought... the powers that be would do to have a visit to CERES in Brunswick. They may learn a thing or three..

  2. Indeed Cazzie. Even the most power hungry light uses nothing when it is off. I would guess that umpteen halogen downlights spread over a house use quite a bit of power.

    I know about CERES but not been there, must go.

  3. Good on ya Andrew for thinking this way!