Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Git outa my way moforger or all things escalator.

People in UK and US and other places stand on the right hand side of the escalator and walk on the left? I believe, correct me if I am wrong, that we do the opposite in Australia.

When driving we overtake on the right, so that is what we do on escalators. I can understand the people of right hand car drive countries such as the US doing that on escalators, but UK?

I am quite puzzled by this.

You can always pick the Bayswater types in the city for whatever, no offence to Bayswater folk....ah too late. They always stand on the right side of the escalator and block any walking.

While I am talking about escalators, I reminded of what a workmate told me when he saw another workmate at a shopping centre. This chap was clearly not used to escalators and was very hesitant to board. Sweat was on his brow and his face pale. He made a couple of false starts and then made a leap and got on board.

It is weird for us who are so used to them, but if you were not, I suppose they could be intimidating.

Just venting, as seems to be the modern term, there are too many people in Melbourne City. I cannot walk along the street at a reasonable pace anymore. I just constantly get tangled up with people. I don't think I walk particularly fast, perhaps I do, but everyone gets in my way. I have learnt to follow a fat assed chick who is walking at a good pace, and she clears the way for me, or I walk on the road.

Back to escalators. They can be dangerous. I recall back in the mid eighties when we were doing christmas shopping at Chadstone. It was very busy and there was a big build up of people at the bottom of the escalator. People were being fed down via the escalator but they were not clearing at the base. It was actually getting quite dangerous with people piling up on people but then I think someone hit the stop button. No big problem for us fit twenty years olds who could scramble over the top of grandmothers and spastics, but not great if you were less fit.


  1. Hi Andrew

    I tell fellow Australians when they visit London there is only one rule you cannot break. You MUST stand on the right hand side on the escalator. This is the ONLY rule. There are no rules about walking down busy streets or passing other traffic in cars - right or left hand side is fine. There are no unsightly lines to confine you to one side of the street, even on Oxford Street, the busiest thoroughfare in the known world. You can walk wherever and into whomever you choose. That's democracy.

    But woe betide anyone who comes to our city and breaks the sacred escalator rule. You have been warned.



  2. I can't attest to what happens here; I'm just a small town girl.

    Had a mental chuckle over the pile-up though.

  3. Yes Pants. It agrees with what I read. I recall my partner who is UK born telling me about how the very orderly bus queues disintegrated when the bus arrived.

    Daisy Jo, you have no idea how much confusion I caused.

  4. I find them wonderful social tools. It's perhaps the easiest way of finding out who is aware of other people and who is not without getting near wheeled transport. For the twenty seconds or so that I'm stuck behind said road block, I construct a neat little world for this person which often includes:

    Them queue jumping in retail
    Them interrupting their Pilates instructor ad nauseam
    Them interrupting their friends to tell them about their Pilates adventures
    Them yelling on their mobile on public transport
    Them in large imported 4WD interferring with public transport
    Them constantly arguing for John Howard's economic credentials to back up their passionate Liberal voting
    Them having loud and obnoxious children
    Them having talkback phone numbers on speed dial to proclaim their support for John Howard
    Them not having the correct card/pin/IQ in a supermarket
    Them leaving their trolley in the middle of the road while they gawk at the latest 99% fat free bottled water

  5. I am with you on the escalator thing, I've been stuck behind ignorants and had a copper squish his gun *yes the steel thing* into my leg, pity though he was cute *ahem* anyway, I agree with you on the pace of walking in the city.

    I tend to like to walk at a brisk pace cause I can't stand to walk half pace I don't get it, its very frustrating! Especially when they stop in the middle of the footpath for no given reason, again the smart comments come, but that's a post for another time.

  6. So you're the pain that keeps breathing down my neck no matter how fast I walk.

  7. You have painted a good description of the person Rob. There seems to be a lot of them around.

    Coppers and guns, brisk walker and someone who is about to let fly at Connex. I like you.

    Think I referred to a fast walking, strike one, chick, strike two Jahteh.

  8. I may well be that fat arsed chick clearing the way on the footpath. I cannot stand slow walkers or spastics on escalators. Keep moving, people!