Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Frankston 1

Time to catch up with sis in law and mother on a Sunday. I am often at work Sunday, so when I am not it is a good chance to catch up.

Combine us catching up with my mother and step father, sis in law at Frankston Market and my desire to see the result of years of work at the Frankston Beach meant Frankston Beach was the place to catch up.

It was so so cold. Brother invited himself along unexpectedly, ex husband of sis in law. He called us from his car to find out where we were parked and we were directly behind him. He should have wound down his car window and called out my name.

But anything to do with my mother is interesting and amusing. She still spends a fortune from her pension on her hair, but she has discovered beanies for keeping her head warm. She was very nicely dressed, but with a beanie on her head. A fine opportunity to send her up mercilessly.

We walked on the new bridge over the waterway and then out onto the pier where many were fishing, mostly unsuccessfully.

Larger boats were unable to get across a sand bar to get to the boat ramp. Smaller ones were pushed over. I quite like watching boats get launched from a boat trailer or put back on. Something will always go wrong.

We could not quite see the highrise from Frankston Pier but still I said and pointed, 'Look R, you left a bedroom window open'. It always gets a laugh.

We ate our afternoon tea that we had taken and as we were nearly to the point of shivering, we packed up and headed home.

While out for a walk Sunday morning before we set off for Frankston, I came across this little sign on a rather large house in Domain Road. I was scoffing a chilli pie at Frankston market I turned around to see a diesel electric rail motor? on the railway track passing by and it was called Sir Harold Clapp. Co-incidence.

These bronze sculptures are excellent and made in collaboration with school children. The theme for most of them is things found on the beach.


  1. I love the bronze sculptures. Our main street here has many of them. I found myself talking o a few of them once...shhh, dont tell anyone, LOL. I was walking with my friends and they had stopped, unbeknownst to me...and I thought they were them..you know, the sculptures. We laughed out asses off..well, it was funny at the time.

    We used to take our boat off of Carrum somtimes. Yes, you are right, the misshaps of the "every now and once in a whil boatie". Too many to mention.
    We amazed people when we would drive our boat up onto our trailor at the end of a good days fishing. Back trailor low enough into the water and drive the boat up...gotta get it straight of course, less you smash a hole in the hull...not a good look if you miss, lol.

    Your mum sounds such a cutie..good for he for having beanies :)

  2. nice sculptures there Andrew!


  3. Did he turn to look?

    The sculptures are lovely.

  4. Ugh, I hate to sound like a train spotter (but I can't help it), Sir Harold Clapp is an A class locomotive, A60 to be precise. It started off life as locomotive B60 in 1952 and rebuilt as A60 in the 1980's.

    The Stony Point train is a good ride. It's fun bouncing along through the green country side on the 2 hour return trip from Frankston. Just don't miss the train back at Stony Point or you'll be stranded for 2 hours!

  5. Don't worry Cazzie, I have apologized to a mannequin when I have bumped her,more than once.

    They are nice Keshi. I figure public art like that works if people stop to look at it, and they were.

    No Daisy Jo, he was in a ignore Andrew mood Sunday. You should see the forced smile in the photo I took of him.

    Astonishing Ben. Fifty five years old. A trip to Stony Point by train is on the list and has been since I read AFE's description. But it will be whole day thing, so need the free time.

  6. The three blokes in suits at Bourke and Swanston are still my favs. I remember seeing a couple taking a photo. He was on camera, she was grabbing at one of the crotches and combining that with the statues' expressions was priceless!

  7. And their pursed lips are just the right shape to slip a ciggie into Rob. City of Melbourne employs a dedicated cigarette in statue mouth remover person.


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