Thursday, August 09, 2007

Escalators, a bit more

With assistance of Wikipedia and a very large search engine.

There is no correlation between what side of the road is driven on and what side of the escalator to stand on.

Stand on the right in London, Washington, Boston, Hong Kong (contradicted elsewhere), Seoul and Moscow.

Stand on the left in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.

Montreal and Toronto, walking on escalators is prohibited.

Malaysia and Rome, stop walking when reaching the escalator and stand both sides.

I can now confidently travel the world knowing that I will not make an escalator faux pas. Of course, easier, follow what the locals do.


  1. You are so beyond right. Escalator protecol (How do you spell that word in english?) is important. If you stand on the wrong side in London, you will die.

    In Rome, it's free flying for all.

    And at Melbourne central, please - for GODS SAKE PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA - stand on the left. Or you will be trampled by very angry people running for their train.

  2. I can u'stand wut u mean. Cos I hv been pissed with some ppl who stand on the right side of the escalator!


  3. They are not so bad in peak times Rosanna, but off peak is hideous. Can I use this please? (How do you spell this in English)

    Forget your natural politeness then Keshi and get your elbows working.

  4. Can you use my phrase - how do you spell this in English?

    Sure, why not?

  5. Wow. You saved me having to look this info up. :)

  6. Are you about to travel abroad Firehorse? (clever blog title btw)