Friday, August 10, 2007

Dissing a saint

Once upon a time I was going to write a critical piece of Mother Teresa. Is she a saint yet? She has also received the Noble Peace Prize. One blogger kindly sent me some links, which I cannot find now. Every so often it has come to mind to make a start, but I haven't until today.

You may wonder why I would do this? I want to make sure that there is not any disillusionment about this supposedly saintly woman.

But I am not really going to write a full post on her. I have discovered that many other have and even books have been written. If you want to have a quick look, here are some of the links I found at Wikipedia.

Mother Teresa was anything but saintly and her beatification should be reversed.

The Illusory vs The Real Mother Teresa

Saint to the rich

Mommie Dearest

The squalid truth behind the legacy of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa: Where are her millions?


  1. Andrew I've never read that side of Mother Theresa b4!


  2. You thought she was saintly Keshi? I don't blame you as that is how she is seen. The post was worthwhile if it only means you keep an open mind when you hear her name.

  3. in his first biog, Bob Geldof tells a story that he and MT were both checking into a 5-star New York City hotel simultaneously and she bet him that she could get a 'comp' suite and he could not.
    of course she won.
    The highly-intelligent Christopher Hitchens points out the facts about her and gets pilloried himself for his trouble.
    Those poor little kids.

  4. Hey Ann, I wonder if they got along.

  5. The anecdote was just one para in his book - if he liked her he would have expanded on their meeting I reckon.

    Would have liked to see them together - he is Very Tall and she was a midget.

    Gianna Versace did a hysterically funny couture version of her outfit

    (and may have been struck dead by his god for the sin)

    it was the skin tight snow white wrap-around one shouldered thingy with the blue tea-towel stripes going round and looked fabulous in the Mario Testino photo of
    Nadja Aurmann the Very Very Tall cherman modelling it.

    Apologies for no links. I am a member of the Shitty Bloggers
    (yes they do exist)
    I have just come from Pants who said
    "If you won't do the slog
    (ie; linking)
    Then don't do the blog"

    whereas I think "if the reader has not heard of the thing I mentioned then I don't care to enlighten them.
    The only time I ever brag is about my enormous cultural frame of reference.
    I will now get my Godson Bart to write out for me, a thousand times
    I must link when blogging
    I must link when blogging
    I must link when blogging

  6. Ah, person who lives where our bluestone comes from,that is CrankyMite. I didn't know Geldorf was tall. Think g/f, he is Irish and probably catholic.....maybe they got along.

    I thought Pants was referring to doing research before writing a blog post.

    Was Versace, can't think of a polite way to say, taking the piss?

  7. Andrew, you have posted so many posts that I love this weekend! This one particularly. I have always been wary of Mother's Theresa. I'll email you a link.

    Those that the public reveers are often the least worthy.

  8. *Mother.

    Okay. I admit it. I had a big night. Excuse all poor spelling / grammar.

  9. Yeah Rosanna, beware of worshipping false gods.