Wednesday, August 08, 2007


How is your attention span? The vid is only thirty seconds long and more interesting than watching paint dry.

Actually, at times it gives me the creeps. I am standing at my bathroom basin and the mirror reflects the window behind me and out of the corner of my eye I see something move. It is of course the crane, but I don't like things moving like that behind me.


  1. Why am I think'n' homo erectus.

    Prolly coz Shirl's channelling.

  2. Not liking something behind me was a clue.

  3. I work in the ANL building behind that crane. I'll just be glad when they finish that building, as there is such a wind tunnel howling through there. I'm tired of getting hot ciggie ash flying into my eyes when I'm outside having a dart.

  4. Yeah well Hawkeye, I don't think that will get any better when the building is finished. The wind comes straight across Albert Park without anything to break it, and then turns into wind tunnels at our building and yours too it would seem. I am bit concerned about my reduced privacy when Lucient is finished. Can you ever see anyone in our building? Will I not be able to go nekkid in my bedroom with the blinds open?

  5. Personally, I can't wait to see peeps walking around nekkid in their Lucient appartments while I'm eating my lunch - our lunchroom is on that side of the building. If I get really lucky, I might get to see some home-grown porn while I'm chowing down :)

    And, no, we can't see anyone in your building. Walk around nekkid all you want. However, our boardroom on level 8 does have a telescope - maybe now I know why ;)

  6. Eek, I never thought of a telescope Hawkeye. Ah, well they will quickly focus on something else. Btw, when certain friends visit us at night, they always say, 'I see your ANAL is shining brightly tonight'. The illuminated ANL sign of course. I expect that will disappear from our view when Lucient goes up.


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