Monday, August 06, 2007


Clearly Warwick Capper does not appeal to a blog mate. He is straight, so he would not understand.

I cast my mind back twenty plus years and there was this sexiest AFL player who was a member of the newly formed Sydney Swans. Oh, those tight shorts, those almost visible ass cheeks, the long blond hair. He wasn't a bad football player either, although I fully pretend to have no knowledge of this game.

Now at the age of 44, he has made a porn vid with his girlfriend.

One of the brother friends rang tonight, ostensibly over arrangements to see tax sorting out person, but he slipped into the conversation strongly about the Capper vid. He wants to see it, and boy, so do I. R does too, and so does every other gay person around our age.

I promised R that I will get it from the net in a day or so for free. It only takes one fool to pay for it and share it.


  1. OK 'fessin' up, was me. Can't type to save me goolies.

    Try #2.

    "Is that a stop sign on your packet - or are you just pleased to see me?"

    OK, the lad is blonde, but he aint no Mae Westie.

  2. OMG i want to see it too!

    i think it would be hilarious
    also, isn't his gf hot?

  3. Why?? Whyyyyyyyyy??? I would sooner cut my eyeballs out with a rusty razor blade than watch that grot on the job. *vomits*

  4. I did not know Ms West was blonde. I have only seen her in b&w. Wozzer certainly isn't a real blond.

    I did not take much notice of her Kiki. She is 25 and blonde, so....

    As Kiki said Steph, it would be a laugh. Stay choosy and single g/f.

  5. He's such a hoot! Oh, good on him. Sure he's a famewhore, but at least he's having fun (and sharing the lovin')

  6. **Now at the age of 44, he has made a porn vid with his girlfriend.

    he is some kinda sicko or wut!


  7. Clearly opinion is strongly divided and if you are following this thread, someone made a comment when answering a previous post.

    'and re Wozza post above this one: I was charmed by the honesty of Joanne & the footballer. They had an amazing time on Denton's old Money Or The Gun show once.
    but little Indiana is gonna be teased at school over this pron thing.'