Friday, August 10, 2007

The blog roll

Time for me to offend someone by not mentioning them in a review of my blog roll, or by mentioning them. In order of when they were added to my always read blogs. Sorry no links. You can work it out.

Daniel Bowen, reasonable, consistent and always interesting and a good mix of social comment, rant, family, transport and personal. Take a bow Daniel as you are my original blogger.

Andy at Spatula City, not a frequent poster but always worth reading when he does post. He hates everybody and is happy to tell them so.

Rob at Roborant. Very in tune with my views of the world.

His Excellency at There Ain't No Sanity Clause. With age comes wisdom, or sometimes being just too damn clever for the rest of us. As if I need any cynicism added to my life.

Jahteh at Copperwitch. Women can be odd creatures when they flick from dresses to hard science with ne're a post in between. Recommended.

Dearest Rosanna at Practically Perfect. She isn't perfect and she will quickly tell you so. My idea of an interesting old age is too have lots of intelligent and interesting young people around me. Rosanna would be at the top of my list.

Jo and Robyn at Bitches Closet. Bah, they quickly got a handle on me. Don't expect quantity, but when the girls post, it is good.

Ann at Guru Ann. Interesting for what she does post. I wish she wasn't constrained by her position as a local councillor and we could hear the real story.

Steph at Much Ado About Sumthin. If Daniel is the male blog guru, Steph is the female version. That she is young and attractive helps I suppose, but that is nothing to do with why I devour her posts.

Cazzie at I don't do Mornings. Wife, mother of four, part time worker, living in the burbs. Sounds boring? She is not, and a big blog elephant stamp to Cazzie.

Daisy Jo at He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. I have always wanted an American net friend. Have I found one? I reckon so. She is kewl and while very American, also un American too, the highest compliment I could pay her.

Ren at To Reign in Hell, so full of what makes us what we are. Kind, not so kind, frail yet confident. Attitude aplenty.

Anne O'Dyne at Bwca Dysthymia. What a history she has. You just have to know where to look.

Oh my god, as the younguns say. I just realized there is someone who I haven't added to my blog list yet and yet she is fantabulous and in competition with Steph for the most comments on her posts. Keshi at Viva Forever.

Is it shallow to read a persons persons blog because they look interesting in their avatar? Of course it is but that is what first attracted me to her blog. It is early days, but boy does she write well, and unlike me, she checks her facts before putting finger to key. Not sure that I can cope with such a careful person. So do check out That's So Pants.

If you are not in this post and would like to be on the next one of the same variety, you just need to cuddle up a bit more.


  1. When you visit That's So Pants, be sure to also follow the link to her HYSTERICALLY funny book The Way Of The Pear - local municipal legal shenanigans aplenty - think 'Grass Roots' Col Dunkley, or Rats In The Ranks.

    Thank you kind sir for your commendation ... and "history" ? those who ignore it are condemned to repeat it - hell no!
    I am surrounded right now, in the electorate of Corangamite and on the banks of the Barongarook, with books on Western District history and the stories are wonderful to read.

    peace and love to you all

  2. Don't take any of your links down otherwise I'll never find anyone. I'll get my own blogroll one day. I managed a clock today, three clocks really I kept changing my mind.

    You should have mentioned Ren's artwork, glorious.

  3. Andrew I know we can be slack at times however... Blame Jo she's out shopping most days buying Coffee Mugs and has no time to post....

  4. Ah my friend, that is indeed a fine compliment, and one I always hope to live up to.

  5. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Wow, you have a blog roll? Cool, and thanks for the elephant stamp too :) My Mia would be proud, as I am proud of her when she comes home from Computer Gym class with a stamp on each hand of "Sparky" the computer :)
    I come to read your blog because I like your style of writing. Whether it be brainstorming, an old post that you just found in file or somewhere you went and you wanted to let us know.

  6. Had a look Ann O'dyne but I can't read long stuff on a screen. It looked interesting.

    The clock is a ripper Jahteh. Love it.

    Is Jo going to come back with something to blame you for Robyn?

    'The pleasure is all mine Ma'm', says Andrew as he present a white magnolia bloom.

    Thanks Cazzie. Of course I have a blog roll although I can see why it could be advantage to not have one. Really not sure how you do it, all you do and blog and read blogs.

  7. His Excellency is not a too damn clever for the rest of us cynic ... he's just a very naughty geriatric! Soup stains dot the vice-regal paisley cravat and the imperial houndstooth cummerbund is encrusted with globs of gravy.

  8. Aaawww.... thank you Andrew, you say the nicest things about people.


    and I know I'm slack and I should post more but I rarely have anything interesting to post about... sigh.

  9. I do draw the line at stains in the frontal crotch area M'lord.

    I do Jo, say the nicest things at times. Whether I am actually a nice person is another matter all together. I don't have much interesting to post about, it is all just basic stuff about my life. People seem to read it.

  10. Andrew, I am very touched. Thank you. Can you imagine how much hard work it would be to be perfect all the time?

  11. You write well Rob.

    I don't find it too difficult Rosanna.

  12. Don't you worry, I wish I wasn't so constrained but a trip to the Electoral tribunal last year burnt me. At least someone reads it although its been very light on content of late.

  13. I don't read all of the blogs everyday but I do read yours, Steph's and a couple of others daily, usually before I go out for the day.
    I know that my life outside of the bloggosphere is more important know, so much to do family wise and the housekeeping... but I do love to read what other's are up to and see what is on their minds :)

  14. Yes GuruAnn, the net can be a risky place for anyone in public life.

    I'll try not to be too negative Cazzie. Don't want your day to start with bad thoughts.