Thursday, August 09, 2007


No, contrary to popular belief, I don't do them and never have.

I am talking about Bender's Bus Lines of Geelong.

When we were in Geelong a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a few buses around and I wondered what the service was like. I have finally got around to checking and there seems to be two bus companies who service Geelong. Ok, out of curiosity I will check what the service is like for Highton where my sister lives. She lives just off a main road and her abode would be over ten years old, so it is a newish area but not that new. New houses are being built there by the day.

To my surprise, there does not seem to be a bus service at all.

The above is incorrect. There is a bus service near to my sister's. I reckon I spent fifty minutes on the net and with a street directory before I found it. Admittedly my knowledge of Geelong streets is poor, but I think Benders might be able to do a bit better with their website.

For my sister once I traced all the old Geelong tram routes onto a map so that she could see where they went. She was surprised to see that there was a direct tram to the school where she taught, but otherwise not very interested. Oh well, it was a bit of fun.

This investigation came about because her g/f has been transferred to the north of Victoria and my sister intends spending some time with her, although still remain living in Geelong. The bone doctor has forbade her from driving such a long way with little Joanna when she is not getting a proper night's sleep, so she will have to get the train and she needs to get to the station first and I wondered if the bus was practical. I expect she will cadge a lift or get a taxi.


  1. rural public transport is a nightmare.

    even the new 'fast' trains on the Ballarat line fail to meet their supposedly 'connecting' buses.

    Any stranger who foolishly trains to Bacchus Marsh gets a shock to discover that the main street is 3 kms away from the station, and the bus scheduled to leave a minute after the scheduled arrival time of the train ... which is always late due to waiting beyond the station for the upline from ballarat to pass on the single track.

  2. Just looked at a map. I see what you mean about the station. Interesting, the Werribee River runs closer to town.

    I overheard a dispute between a ticket inspector and a lass from BM. She wasn't going to be fined, but she had the wrong ticket on advice from the station. It sounded extremely complicated to me.