Friday, August 24, 2007

Annual Ice Cream Day

The time must be approaching when I eat an ice cream. I only have one about once a year and it has been a long time since I had my last. Somebody's partner bought a small box of them and it is sitting in our freezer. But that is no fun. I need to go out and buy one, freshly served in a cone.

The weather needs to be fine and sunny and spring like and I will be right in the mood. Rum and raisin is my old favourite but I quite like pistachio too.

Of course ice cream never tastes as good as it did when you were a kid. Nothing like a Peter's brick of ice cream on top of fruit salad. I never liked the chocolate in the umm umm, not cosmopolitan, what was it called?

Used to eat an occasional pine lime Splice when I was in my thirties and Heaven when they appeared.

Cream in Between has a bit of different meaning now to me. Who on earth thought putting ice cream between two flat pieces of cone was a good idea? Eat that and not make a mess?

A Dixie cup was quite good and I used to like the little wooden paddle shaped thing that came with it.

A Drumstick was a bit dearer and more of a treat.

I just know you are waiting for it M'lord but it is not as you may expect. I never really liked a Golden Gaytime.

Sand in the ham sandwiches, sunburn, bright hot sun, cool water, flies, shells, half cold tea from a thermos which had probably leaked onto something, the smelly creek, was all out patiently played out until we received an ice cream from the kiosk at Mordialloc Beach. Then we would suddenly become tired and irritable. Can we go home now?


  1. Andy's going to give me all sorts of trouble for saying this, but Gaytimes were fantastic.

  2. Macadamia nut ice cream is my fave fresh ice cream, and I cannot say no to a magnum but for ice cream in the freezer at home I love mango gelate from Aldi... it's yummmmmmmmmy

  3. Nothing like ice cream on a hot August afternoon.

  4. I always loved the rum and raisin ice cream and used to share it with my grandad, he would have macadamia or butterscotch or even licorice, yum. I buy neopolitan icecream for my bratlings sometimes

  5. Oh, the chocolate does seem to go firt.

  6. Utter swine, I would kill for a double cone dipped in chocolate and sprinkles soft serve ice-cream. Never liked Gaytimes either but raspberry Magnum is a killer.

  7. My favorite is called Cherry Cordial, which is vanilla with bits of chocolate and maraschino cherry. Sadly, I can have it no more because of my allergies, so I stick with the non-chocolate varieties.

    Your last paragraph sounds like a wonderful day.

  8. Psst, don't worry Rob. He doesn't read my blog often.

    That's it Cazzie, neopolitan. What was the connection to Napels?

    Allow yourself an occasional luxury Jahteh. Prioritize your food fantasy.

    The description is better than the name Daisy. There were many days like that, at various locations.

  9. An Aldi shopper Jo. Was it you who correctly advised me that I would not like Aldi?

    No hot August afternoons here Savant. Our equivalent is February.

  10. "Used to eat an occasional pine lime Splice when I was in my thirties..."

    Geez, you make it sound like, "I remember when.." lol

    How much of an old man are you? :)

  11. The 'remember when' theme is sprinkled through my blog Denys. I am not five decades old......not yet.

  12. Me take a cheap shot at you about Golden Gaytimes?! Perish the thought!

    My favourite icecream is/was Eskimo Pie. True dinks!

    (And no cheap shots about my predilection for a healthy diet of nubile Inuits from you young fella-me-lad.)

  13. Never entered my head M'lord.