Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Two monthly flowers

We decided we could justify the cost of buying this orchid if the flower would last about six weeks and so we would not need to buy flowers weekly.

It has done better than that and it is still going strong with only some browning leaves. With the temperature inside varying from 17 to 24, I am surprised how well it is surviving the dry heat.

I suppose we will just give it to some undeserving friend to plant in their garden when the flower disappears.


  1. Don't give it away. Do a little research and I think you'll find they are really easy to look after. My mum's a notorious plant killer, and she's got several that just keep going and going.

    What I know is that you don't plant them in the garden, apparently they like being confined to the pot. Only when the plant is falling out over the top (muffin top style) is it that you re-pot, divide or whatever it is you do. Next year another stalk or two will grow and you'll get more flowers. You just need to keep the soil damp and to give them a feed every year or so.

  2. those are absolutely lovely. my own bonzai isnt doing that well unfortunately. sigh.

  3. It's beautiful, and Ben's right, they like being cramped in a pot. Do you have a balcony?

  4. Can I stick them in a cupboard until a flower spike shows Ben?

    Yes, have balcony Jo, but an uncluttered one, and aim to keep it like that.

  5. Ah yeah Mirebella, done bonzai and it worked for a while, but ultimately failed.

  6. This is my favourite flower. I had these in my wedding bouquet too. Such a gorgeous idea to have them on your bench, I might have to copy you now :)
    If you wanted to, try emailing my friend who is on my blogroll, Treespotter. His mum has an Orchid farm in Jakarta, for want of better name for her farm. She has such gorgeous flowers, absolutely stunning in fact. He sent me pics of it long long ago.

  7. Will check it out Cazzie. We went through an orchid farm in Thailand once. It was very interesting.


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