Monday, July 23, 2007

Travelling North Trivia - Roads

(Disordered and unfinished post but that's a wrap for holiday tales)

Roads, just on 2000 kilometres of them we travelled over.

Generally excellent. Between Echuca and Mildura part of the Murray Valley Highway goes into New South Wales, hence a 110 kph speed limit. Much better. Also once out of Mildura, between there and Wycheproof, again 110. 110 certainly seems to make the trip go quicker and I find my concentration is better. Bad for fuel economy though.

We bypassed Bendigo and while a freeway is being built, the road south of Bendigo was a disgrace and I thought dangerous. Once on the Calder Freeway, we did not stop until we reached Kingsway, one kilometre from home. Dream road and there could be an argument for 120 kph on that road.

Tumbleweeds. Between Echuca and Mildura many tumbleweeds were blowing across the road. I was a bit concerned as to what would happen if I hit one and eventually I did and I did not even hear a sound.


  1. I wanna go see Bendigo...heard so much abt the place.


  2. I have only spent a few hours there Keshi and I really must have a decent look at it too. Cazzie does excite you to see things.


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