Friday, July 27, 2007

Momentous Day

My day at work was a disaster. I am not saying why except that it perhaps involves $100,000. The work stress really gets to me at times. I am not sure how much longer I can do it. I can only say that once I leave work, I forget about it. Mostly. Today was an exception.

But I felt a bit sorry for the people of the state government electorate of Williamstown. Their representative, who happens to also be Premier of the State of Victoria resigned. While I can be very critical of our state government, I feel Steve Bracks is an honourable and decent man and I am sorry to see him go and I wish him well.

Poor old Willietown voters will now have to vote in a by-election.

I really do think it is wrong for elected pollies to resign so soon after being elected.

Lo and behold, Bracks resigns and so does John Thwaites, Deputy Premier and Minister for Water. Thwaites had no factional backing, so without the his mate Bracks in power, he had no support and no numbers to stay in a position of power. In the Labor Party, it does not matter how many votes you can get from the voters, if you don't have support of a party faction, you won't make it. Thwaites was an exception to the rule.

But as well as poor old Willietown voters having to vote at a byelection, so will the constituents of the electorate of Albert Park to select a new representative for state government.

Guess who lives in the the state electorate of Albert Park?

I met Thwaites once and seen him around a couple of times, but aside from that, I also think he is a decent bloke. I think it will possibly become a marginal seat now for Labor. God knows what loon they will serve up to us.


  1. I think the bracks quitting is all about the son and the saab, and good on him for putting the family first.

    More of a man than most pollies.

    I expect he will be evident in the campaigning by whomever stands in Willi, and that will have the desired effect.
    Much comiseration with your 'work thing' and I hope it all goes away quick and far.

  2. I agree that the timing of his resignation could be seen as a bit of an "up yours" to the voters in this state, but as bwca says, he's doing the right thing by his family.

    And what of the theory that both resignations are water shortage related? Conspiracy theories sure were flying around on Friday.

    I couldn't help but notice John Brumby's beaming grin though. He's been waiting a while...

  3. A good night out fixed all thanks Bwca, along with a hefty dose of the Scottish Doctor.

    Brumby is seriously grinning Ben. I think he is an ok bloke too, but a bit more polished, not necessarily a good thing.

    Ben, when we were in Broken Hill, the city sights tour bus operator slagged orf Bracks and Victoria over water, so I figure Bracks did the right thing. There is a lack of detail though. I expect all will be resolved soon. Brumby will need a high point to launch his Premiership. The water thing would not be a bad start.

  4. Hmm.

    Sounds like you may have flipped out at work today?

  5. Yep, I reckon it is sad that Bracks is going...but I am very happy his family have their dad back. I too am wondering who will be served up to us next. Better the devil we knew I reckon.

    Take some time to meditate, easier said than done I know..but it might help you out re the work stress.

  6. Elected pollies resigning after getting elected? That's a complete moronic joke, no? What's the point of running then? No matter what the reason, stick it out... it's not some stupid 9-5 job they were asking for.

  7. Sent you an email Andy.

    Now Sunday Cazzie and I am fine.

    Princess, perhaps they should repay the cost of the by election to elect a new member.


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