Monday, July 23, 2007

A missed Mirka

About an hour after I arrived at work today, I thought, I should have made a post to alert people about Mirka being on tele tonight.

Mirka Mora is an artist, a mother, a wife, a lover, a restaurateur, a bohemian, a dodger of Auschwitz and a very strong local Melbourne character. If you strongly identify with Melbourne, then you ought to know who she is already.

On Andrew Denton's show tonight, she said she often got sick of parties. After one of hers went on for three days, she told the guests that her children upstairs had mumps, and they finally left.

She also said how all the people lined up at the till of one of her restaurants, totally ignored that she had cut nipple holes in her top and they were exposed as she was taking the money.

The cult of celebrity is nothing new.

But Mirka Mora is surely a Melbourne institution and one who is still alive.

Dame M is a bit more refined version of Mirka. A bit more, not a lot.

(Next time I see Dame M, I will ask, do you know Mirka? and I bet Dame M will say yes)


  1. Dame M sounds like alot of fun.

  2. She is Rosanna, but a bit more English than Mirka.

  3. Mirka Mora is just wonderful. I lovew her wit!
    Dame M must also be very witty.