Thursday, July 05, 2007

It is arranged

The statistics are via a dubious source, a commercial tv station current affairs program and they tell us that in Australia arranged marriages succeed 90% of the time. A non arranged marriage in Australia either succeeds or fails 40% of the time. I forget whether succeed or fail is correct but either way it is a significant difference. For arranged marriages, Indians were used as an example. It was a schmaltzy love grows in time angle. Heard it all before.

I have a lot of India born workmates and also many from South East Asia. I know what they get up to because they tell me and I would bet a nag to a stallion that their wives vaguely do too. But their wives choose to ignore it.

Why can't you Anglo Aussie chicks be like the Indian born women and ignore what their blokes get up to on the side? It would certainly drive up the successful Australian marriage percentage stats.

If Jeanette can ignore Pru, then for the good of the country, you too can overlook things surely?


  1. I'm thinking back to when I went out with the daughter of close family friends (who happened to be a drop-dead gorgeous captain of the rowing team from an all-girls private school). If I was headed for an arranged marriage, it probably would have been with her...

    God dammit.

  2. My parents came from an old school european family so both families pratically knew one another from when they were kids.

    They argue with each other like something awful but in public they're regular ozzie and harriet's.

  3. With the battle we fight, and the battles we have won, and the battles we are yet to win against...or just go with... our marriage has survived our mother out-laws interference, my sister outlaw's interference, our best man's interference and GID interference...and the thing is I think people can'thandle the truth that through thick or thin we survive..we are rock solid in this thing called marriage..and..if we haven't yet fought over something, I say this.."So, we haven't had a fight in a while, so let's have one just to make up for it".
    I wouldn't have extra marital.. anything..because I could not be bothered, life is already complicatd enough for me :)

  4. A wife with big arm muscles, strong thighs and stamina. She would kill you Rob.

    Italian Bobby? Husband and wife arguing in Italian in the home. I love it.

    Gee Cazzie, work, four young children, blogger and a happy marriage. What is wrong with your inlaws that they can find fault? I agree with your last comment. It is just too bloody hard.

  5. Oh death? Where is thy sting?

  6. Arranged marriages last because the women can't leave.

    As an Anglo Aussie old boiler, why should I ignore?

    Saying that I did ignore his tarts but him being a bore got to me.


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