Monday, July 23, 2007

Howard on

PM Howard thought he would be modern and hip and post a clip. I just thought I ought to check it, but my John Howard search on brought up every loser thing about him except the actual speech.

Politicians, dabble publicly on the net at your peril. It can be a dangerous place. I know it is going to happen soon. A politician is going to end up on the front page of the papers because of their youtube or myspace presence and not in a way they like.

I think I prefer my politicians to retain a dignified net silence.


  1. The Clarke/Dawe spoof is very funny viewing.

  2. I think so too!


  3. Saw it Daniel. While they are almost become art imitating life, I thought that one was pretty clever.

    Glad to hear a younger person agrees Keshi.

  4. Listening to 3aw of a morning I heard Neil Mitchell talk of this a few weeks ago. Even Julia Gillard has an online myspace and accruing friends by the day! LMAO, made me laugh so hard, especially when Neil played the song, "Who let the dogs out?"...and that was the voice message for one of the politicians..he is so important I cannot remember his name even!! haha.
    It is a bad idea for the pollies to get into this type of thing.

  5. Heard that too Cazzie. I think it Joe Hockey, but like you, can barely recall.


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