Thursday, July 26, 2007

Homeless Highriser

(Only published because I am not going to accumulate unfinished posts and the post is a lot of nonsense)

R bangs on often about how we could not afford a decent house in an ok area any more.

Hello, I think I mentioned this five plus years ago.

It went along these lines. We sell this house and buy that flat (apartment), we won't be able to go back you know. It will never appreciate like this house has and will.

Surprising to me, where we live is doing quite well value wise, but it is of little consequence. I cannot eat pre fab concrete panels. I am a bit surprised to know that we could quite easily buy back where we lived.

But it was a modest place that needed some big money spent on it. It was fine to live in but very small and not to brag about.

R likes the idea of a garden. Well, who did all the work in the gardens of times past? Moi.

R would like to have a little doggie. I desperately would. But not until one of us is not working full time. We got away with it when we had houses and an outdoor area, but I figure it is unfair now.

We now live in a perfect place to grow old in. The ambulance trolley has a fully flat surface to travel over and it will fit in the lift. Once body corp fees are paid, that is it.


  1. Perhaps R & the Freshman could move in together and NOT take care of the garden, and you and I could move in together and have a beautiful one.

    Expect the Freshman on the next flight out, and pack your bags, my friend!!

  2. hehe all's well then.


  3. Hehe, funny how we think in the now yet plan for the future...and we always should think of access to emergency services too. My grandparents left a lovely home in Altona to the lovel bush outside Dayelsford. This was their retirement, live there til they die place..that was until nan began to have heart troubles and needed an ambulance or two..and pop, well...he is too old to drive at night.
    Alot of people have to move to the city areas closer to hospital for this reason, or take risks with health I guess.
    Highriser apt would be great. I love my garden and our yard but I would also do to live in an apartment, with all the parks we have in Melbourne it would be great.
    Re having a dog, I agree...we got Bondi at a good time when I could be home to get him used to here, to me and to where his place was. He is such a good dog.

  4. It's always been my dream to have enough money for a permanent penthouse suite in a swish city hotel in my old age. No laundry, no cooking, no cleaning, just RSI from dialing room service.

  5. Lovely idea Daisy Jo. Can we decorate with art deco too? (Just checked exactly where Ohio is as I had forgotten. Looks like snow in winter and hot summer)

    For the time being Keshi. This will go on.

    Too many I know Cazzie move away from the city when the age and it is a disaster when they need medical attention. Will make a post about it soon, although I may have already.

    There was an email doing the rounds Jahteh. It was about how much cheaper it would be to live permanently on a cruise ship. Didn't Marlene Dietrich live in such a place as you would like?